Muji Acasia Fruit Plate

11 Nov


Lovely wooden plate. For E’s  favorite bananas. Joking. For fruits and everything else. <5pf>


Lovely Interiors

15 Oct

Brazilian ironwood spiral stairs, polished concrete floors and floating stairs, mustard rug, table with a patina, fibreglass lead sculptures from the ceiling. The Casa Cubo project, by Isay Weinfeld. Loving it! <d>

Simple Whimsy

11 Oct

Twist Me – aptly named don’t you think? <d>

Fun 3D Cookies!

9 Oct

Recently started experimenting with baking – I have a long way to go, but still am excited at the prospects of making delicious and fresh snacks for my wife & son!

& talk about engaging children, you think these will get their attention? <d>

Penguin-guided GPS?

6 Oct

Instinct + Mobile App

Another strategy to engage people, created by doAR (Tokyo), for an aquarium. The penguins guide people to the location, and actually move like the real thing. Silver-award winner at Cannes. <d>

Lego Calender That Syncs With A Virtual One!

2 Oct

Lego Calender + Virtual Calender!

Yes, these peeps wrote a software for this, and use it in their studio! With each update, they simply take a photo and email that to a specific address. Then it is updated on the cloud, such as google calender, so the whole team is updated. Love it!

Handwoven Pocket Squares And Ties

30 Sep

Handcrafted, and from deadstock fabric, it is always wonderful to see more options for men. dcoybrand, by Hunter Monsour in USA,  comes with a card detailing how many items were made from the respective fabric, which could be quite limited. For instance, the striped pocket square above is one-of-a-kind. I love the tie on the left of the top image. <d>

The Eldredge Knot – An Alternative?

26 Sep

Lol this actually reminds me of how the traditional rice dumplings are wrapped with leaves. I’m up for trying it, at the very least just to learn something new. I think it looks better on non-printed ties – what do you think? <d>

High Tide Heels??

26 Sep

Uhmmm…..? … Don’t worry, these are not the next ‘thing’ in fashion!

It’s actually by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat. Though this was 7 years ago, but it is still one of those that you will remember. <d>

Tech + Touching Your Heart

20 Sep

Humane + Tech

I have always been an ardent proponent of innovations, be it in knowledge, technology, or any other areas. For instance, the being able to control your computer with your hands in the air, ala ‘minority report,’ affordably! (pic below)

Though I have learnt that it is more suitable for laptops placed lower, where I will not need to lift my hands too high up – it gets tiring in the typical desktop setup. This is the very reason why Apple opted not to develop touchscreen for its computers.

But what resonates with me more is how innovation is applied, which I like to share in this post (top pic & vid). Adding the tactile element to internet search, leveraging on affordable 3-D printing, AND thinking of its value to the visually impaired…

Tech + Humane isn’t that wonderful? <d>

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