DHC Men Facial Scrub

26 Oct

With the influx of Japanese beauty care, especially via Watsons, Singapore men have benefited with new choices. The made-in-Japan DHC brand has a good range for men, and pictured here is the facial scrub. It contains Konjac, which is actually the same ingredient behind konnyaku jelly! It acts as a scrub, and also to add viscosity to the cream. May explain why only 1/2 a 1-cent is sufficient even for my large face!

The other ingredient one would have come across more readily – volcanic ash (a.k.a. sodium bentonite). This mineral-rich compound is renown as a scrub, absorbing toxins and even reduce wrinkles and acne.

Had recently started using this, and it has been fine. My only gripe is that the face feels a tad dry after use. Probably designed that way, so that you would use their full range of products (eg, moisturizer). Somewhat lazy for that added step, for now. <D>


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