Almost Edible, Yum!

10 Nov

Got this from Watsons since my shampoo was running out. Always the case for me to finish up a bottle than scrambling through my samples before I can lift my butt to go get myself another bottle.

I had seen Organix quite a few times but had never thought of trying them. So before my dinner appointment yesterday, I slipped into Watsons to smell each fragrant very quickly.  Though I was torn between Cucumber & Yoghurt and Mandarin & Olive Oil (both smell lovely and fresh!), I decided to give the latter a go. Well – the orange bottle, the words – organic and olive oil – were shouting at me “grab me…grab me” and that was it!

I tried it last night. Ummm, it smells great and made me feel clean and happy, but it doesn’t  seem to do good in smoothing out those knots! With my fine and dry hair, perhaps this wasn’t a good choice. I’ll live by it till I finish it up and in the meanwhile, I’ll try to look for a better one. <5pf>


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