Checkered-tee Checks!

27 Nov

Muji Men’s B & W Checkered Long Sleeves Cotton Shirt

– a pocket on the left

Muji Men’s Collar

Muji Men’s Sleeve

– different prints on the surface and beneath the shirt

Ladies’ Muji B & W Checkered 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Muji Ladies’ Petite Collar

– I’m drawn to such round edges

Muji Ladies’ 3/4 Sleeve

We always hated the thought of getting anything similar to wear. I mean, why do couples need to wear the same clothes (some even wear the same stuff from top to bottom!) to tell everyone “Hello, guess what? We are a COUPLE.”. When D and I see such couples, our eye balls will start rolling.

But today, it was our first – they are not exactly the same as they have different designs, but they do have the same cotton material with the same  black and white checkered  prints. I actually love preppy prints like these. Look geeky with the challenge of not looking like one. Muji had came up with cotton shirts like these quite a while back. The material is made in India. It’s really soft and Muji always have their way to make it look really good.

After I added my item into my basket, I saw similar prints/material for Men’s and asked if D liked it. How can he not??!??!  The shirt had a different black and white checkered print underneath which made D’s shirt look even better when the sleeves are folded up (as shown above). The subtle design touches on the shirt bought D over.What’s more he looked great in it! Grab!!

And I have to confess that the shirts are not the only similar stuff we got today (I’ll post that other one tomorrow). I promise we didn’t mean to look the same, just that, we share similar taste…that’s all!! <5pf>



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