No, these are not Wooga Boots

28 Nov

These are Muji boots! They are for all genders and comes in XS, S, M and L. And they cost only S$39 each!

D got a khaki green one

This is in Large size

And I got a grey pair

Mine was in Xtra-Small size. I wish the base was of the same color. But nevermind!

I tried putting my feet in, it feels warm and comfy!

We actually saw these boots weeks ago when they were fresh on the shelves.Back then I was telling D that there is not point getting them since we aren’t traveling to anywhere cold anytime soon. But these boots were selling like hotcakes when I enquired about them for one of my colleagues and realised that there aren’t many pairs left!

I told D about it and when he went back to Muji again on Friday, he reserved a grey pair for me without my knowledge. Hee! He reads me well. He knows I like them and wish I had them. Yes! Yes! Yes! I liked them if not why would I blog about Wooga Boots? Heh? (btw, I didn’t win any Wooga Boots from that contest they had. you can read my post here.) By the time we decided to get a pair for D yesterday, they had only left with display pieces. And lucky for us, the only large size was the khaki colored pair and in good condition. So what did we do? Grab (again)!!

I’m looking forward for our next holiday together hopefully to somewhere cold. I’m sure we’ll be having lots of fun dressing up to all the warm clothings we had stocked up. Woohoo! <5pf>

<Boots are made of Polyester and Acrylic>

<Soles are made of Synthetic Sole>


2 Responses to “No, these are not Wooga Boots”

  1. Cug November 30, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    These look v nice! I like the grey ones. D is so sweet yah!

    • Femme & Homme November 30, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

      Yes they are!! Makes good Xmas gifts actually.

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