“Soul” Sistas!

12 Dec

Some of you would have known that I have been looking for a pair of ballerina/pump shoes for the LONGEST time. Since the last one I got a few months ago, I haven’t been able to find another pair to wear interchangeably. And thanks to the unpredictable weather, the sole of my favorite ballerinas keep slipping out. Perhaps due to the rain, it had damaged the sole and it is wearing out. I didn’t get it fixed yet because I needed another pair for fridays and weekends before I could send my beloved away.

So guess what? While we were at Raffles City yesterday, I tried my luck at Studio Tangs and saw the same pair of Martina Pink’s ballerinas I had. D suggested I get the black one since the brown one I had were really comfortable. And I thought, why not?!? After all, I have been looking for a black pair. So here it is!!

And while my polka dot dreams were dashed in the air earlier yesterday, I satisfied myself and got pair of Martina Pink’s sequined polka dot ballerinas. See, prettty right? Yes yes yes, I know it’s gonna be hard to maintain with those sequins, but I don’t care! Heh! Anyway with a spending of more than S$150 and if you pay by Mastercard, you get 20% off the bill!! What a deal! So? Grab!!! Yeah, I can wear this blink blink pair during the coming festive season and party away in flats.As Lionel Richie had sung “All night long…all night..all night…All night long….” Umm..this sounds a little too much…but oh well.

Happy Sunday! <5pf>


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