What is the verdict to TWG’s Vanilla Flower Tea?

28 Dec

Excellent!! It is better than Clipper’s. All it took was half a scoop of tea leaves and about 3 to 4 minutes and there you have a good cup of vanilla tea. I like Clipper’s Vanilla Tea for its aroma and heavy tea taste but it usually leaves me with a slight sour note at the end. For TWG’s Vanilla Flower tea, the aroma was great and lingering, the tea was strong but clean at the end. No matter how long I left the teabag in my cup, the tea did not turn bitter and still tasted good. I tried a 2nd round of tea with the same teabag, the taste was still there but not as strong though.

I am happy and contented with this  vanilla flower tea and will be filling more tea filters tonight! <5pf>


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