foot petals

7 Jan

1 pair of Tip-Toes : ball-of-foot cushions to stop feet from sliding forward ; 1 pair of Heavenly Heelz : Ball-of-heel cushions to keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes; 4 pairs of Strappy strips : 8 thin strips that add comfort to any straps ; 1 pair of Sole Stopperz : non-slips that protect soles from wear and tear

I really wanted to wear the pair of Melissa I got (this one here)!!! But it hurts!!!! Darn. I got some Watsons gel strips last time but they keep coming out. And because I wanted to wear the pair of Melissa’s so badly especially when it has been pouring so much these days, we headed to Watsons and found these soft padded cushions in buttercup shade!! PERFECT! It comes in a tin box and costs $26.90. I’ve just used the strappies on Melissa and hopefully it’ll solve all pain. Wish me luck! <5pf>


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