Discovering the artist Lachapelle

15 Jan

At first I only had the impression of the provocative flamboyance and an almost mocking humour and beauty in the vibrancy of his visuals. He’s demeanor reminds one of Lee McQueen, gentle and deeply introspective.

Today I discover the spirit of a real artist, acutely aware and questioning existential issues, power abuse in religions and politics, and distractions of the modern lifestyle such as consumerism.

What’s more, David was a keen student of life, learning from those that have come before him (eg, Warhol) and from his own journey. Perhaps part of his humility stems from the fickleness of popularity that many artists experience, thus his advise to not be affected by others’ opinions.

Glad I had this photo with him, and this glimpse into the real David Lachapelle. Oh, and we connected briefly when I guessed correctly that Guy Bourdin is one of his inspirations. This is a good day. <d>


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