Wedding : Satin

1 Mar

Bad Lighting = Bad Photography : The colors shown here are not the true colors of the fabric.

To kickstart the “English Garden – A Touch of Satin – A Touch of Gold”, my dearest girlfriends got all geared up  to our wedding theme during their fabric expedition yesterday. It had been a wonderful day of fabric search at Arab Street and I absolutely salute to their commitment to stick to the theme when they got SATIN fabrics for the evening gowns they were tailoring!!  I adore the designs they came up with on their own and though they look nothing like the next picture , the colors shown here (sent to me by my friend, CT) and which I want to share would be closer to those they have got except that their satin looked better and slightly toned down (think vintage). I love the dreamy “garden-ny” feel and with these colors, it’ll make the wedding look a whole lot happier!! Don’t you agree?


Can’t wait to see them in their long flowy  gowns!! I’m beginning to visualise how our wedding will look like now. More entries coming up on our theme. So stay tune!! <5pf>


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