Zoya & OPI

12 Mar

Zoya – Marley

Zoya – Jules

OPI – Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!

I got these from Liang Court today. OPI is my favorite nail polish brand because it is lasting and the colors are really attractive. On the other hand, Zoya is new to me. In fact before today, I’ve not heard or seen of Zoya. I was attracted (again) by the wide variety of colors and how these babies were displayed beautifully. So together with D, we decided to get Marley and Jules since the SA said they were Zoya’s latest collection.

When I came back, I quickly googled Zoya and found that it is a US based company which aims to use healthy, natural and  toxin free ingredients to create a more natural nail polish. Besides nail polishes, they also carry other nail related and beauty products. I love their latest innovation in marketing their nail polishes with the  color spoons. So for anyone who wish to check out the colors before confirming their orders, they can request for the color spoon which comes to them for free. Watch the video and you’ll know what i mean. Unfortunately Zoya do not ship outside the US. Oh well, I’m glad I got mine today! And guess what? They are the Spring 2011 collection!! <5pf>





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