27 Mar

Am not adventurous with new things, but reviews on gelish seems positive so far from the people around me, so I thought, why not give it a go? Went to Snails at Mandarin Gallery. Gelish is only for manicure and they are at S$60. The price does not include its removal thereafter which cost another S$20. I understand from the manicurist that to have the gel removed, it has to be soaked using some special removal. I suppose the normal nail polish removal can’t remove these gel in entirety or maybe not at all. So when I asked to test the gelish colors, the manicurist did not apply the color on me, but on her own gelish nails.

I was looking at the process of how my nails were done like a hawk! I just had to know what’s the amazing thing about gelish. So it began. The application of the gel polish is exactly the same as any other manicure sessions – 1st the base coat, then 2 coats of gelish and lastly the top coat. The only differences are that they will gently file on the surface of your nails before any application of the gel polish and also, after each application (first the thumbs then, the remaining 4 fingers) they are dried under a gelish nail dryer. The best part of gelish?? Your nails get dried instantly and you do not need to worry about them not being dry enough to get your credit card to pay the bill. It also last longer (approx 10 days) than the usual nail polish.

The removing of the gel polish seems invasive though, as they need to scrap out the gel. I will let you know if it is and if my nails will turn yellow when I get the gel polish removed. Snails uses the gelish from Harmony. You can check out the video on how the process is done from end to end.

I would not recommend that gelish be done at every manicure session or often since the filing and scraping of the nails doesn’t seem good for the nails. But one thing for sure, if you have some special event coming up or will be going for a holiday, it’ll be nice to have pretty nails for company! So are you in for gelish?? Tell me! <5pf


2 Responses to “Gelish!”

  1. janellemlaw March 13, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    LOVE the colour! What is it?

    • Femme & Homme March 13, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

      Hi Janelle! I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name of the color. I got my nails done at Snails @ Wheelock and for gelish there is only a few pink. You could try your luck?? =)

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