Wedding : No, it’s not a Ferragamo

27 Mar

Yes! I got THE shoes for THE day. Though I am quite excited to show you, but D reminded me “Surprise them!”. So ta-da! It’s going to be a surprise, hence, no picture.

The shoe search had been painful. The choices in our tropical island are limited. And because I’m not willing to pay a thousand bucks for a pair of heels (at least not yet), it made it worse. Through my search, I had tried heels from every single store that you can imagine and that includes Aldo, On-Peddler, Peddler Red, Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, Red- Valentino and Christian Louboutin – boutiques I never imagine myself visiting. I can only conclude one thing – branded shoes doesn’t mean comfort. And really, I can’t make myself take out my wallet to pay for it.

So after months of searching and to D’s relieve, I managed to get my shoes at Tangs yesterday (the deadline I gave myself was this weekend). All I can say is, it’s not quite a pair of wedding shoes but something I will wear more than just once. It is a 4″ and of course, a design close at heart and once you see it, you’ll go “your HEELS!”. haha!! So let me know if it is pretty ya! Till then, I’m looking forward to wearing it on that very special day. *cheers*


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