Wedding : 5pf’s gown

8 Apr

Yes!! This is all I’m showing. I was at my first fitting today and I tell you, I was sooooo nervous about it. I mean, I had a vision of my gown but I’m not sure if I had translate my thoughts and ideal design well enough to my bridal gown designer, Pin from Blush Blush. Sitting on the couch while waiting for Pin to bring out my gown gave me the jitters. I was squealing and holding my tummy as if I had a stomachache. Ha! In fact, for weeks and months I have been wondering whether the wedding gown will turn out the way I wanted. I peeked through my eyes when Pin brought it to the fitting room. When I finally saw it, I felt light and smiled. Ahhh….yeah….. Though the gown still needed some work, I felt relieved that it accounts for  at least 80% of what I had envisioned. Let’s hope that the finishing touches top it up to 100%. 2nd fitting up in May! And I can’t wait!! <5pf>


One Response to “Wedding : 5pf’s gown”

  1. CUG April 16, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    I love your gown! So happy

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