Kneipp – Body & Massage Oils

24 Jul


After I apply my daily body moisturizer which takes some time to be absorbed and while lying in bed, it always gives me a feeling that the moisturizer has been “wiped” off by my blanket while I toss and turn in bed. So I thought, getting body oil might work better for me since the oil can stay and be absorbed better by our skin.

I had seen Kneipp’s body oil a while back in Watsons. So today, i got a trial bottle of Almond Blossom body oil. It contains vitamins A & E which are good for our skin. I’ve tried  and it seems to absorb well without feeling oily.

Then an interesting warming massage oil caught my eye. The Arnica massage oil contains almond, arnica and ginger. Apparently arnica has anti-inflammatory effect and with the ginger, it gives the massage a warming and soothing feeling. As I’ve been woken up by my shoulder/neck aches lately, I was happy to try this one out too.

D just did a shoulder massage for me. The Arnica oil smells pleasant and gives a very light warming effect. With the pain on my shoulder, I wish it was stronger though. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try. Let’s see if I can sleep better tonight! <5pf>


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