Just Muji & I

30 Dec

I had received a Muji voucher as a gift for Christmas and decided that it’s about time we visited Muji, our love.

While we were in the store, some of the items were on sale. The seaweed shampoo is one that D and I have been using for a while and it helps in controlling oily scalps and dryness. It smells great too!

We have been collecting the shampoo bottles (we have 4 now) since we first bought it and have been keeping them so that we can recycle them for home use when our nest arrives (so that all hand soap and dish washing detergent bottles look coordinated in the house with probably a label to distinguish them). Once you remove all the labels, the bottle looks nice and zen. But since the shampoo in the bottle has been sold out, we got the refill instead. The difference is a mere S$3 but the difference is that you can save our mother earth. =)

I saw this new product in store – Seaweed Hair Milk  and found it interesting. Hair milk, doesn’t it sound nourishing? Will try and shall review soon. <5pf>


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