Product Enquiry: Muji Breton Seaweed Hair Milk

3 Jan

Right, I promised I’ll revert with the review for the Muji Seaweed Hair Milk but because I wasn’t sure if it is a leave-on conditioner, I decided to check with Muji first. Glad I did cos I’ve been washing it away the last 2 times i used it and decided to wait for Muji’s reply as I felt something was amiss due to the non-greasy texture of the milk. Phew!!!

Query from 5pf:
Hi, I just purchased Muji’s Seaweed Hair Milk. May I know if this is a leave on conditioner? There is no product description on how to use it. Appreciate if you could revert soonest. Thanks.
Reply from Muji

Dear Michelle Lim,

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your interest on our product.

We are pleased to inform you that the item Breton Seaweed Hair Milk (4934761081014) is a leave on product, no need to rinse it off once you applied the product on your hair. Please find product information below.

Essence hair without washing, to give hair shine and moisture

Please feel free to contact us if you require clarifications or additional information, thank you!

Cecille Borja Valerio
Customer Service Officer
MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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