Mama shorts

21 Apr

I have been diligently checking out H&M Singapore’s website on the baby & maternity wears. A few nights back I saw this shorts up and told D I HAD to take a look. Off we went today! Lucky for me, we found it but there weren’t many pieces left (blame it on the dragon year). I took a couple of my “dream” sizes to try on while D picked up a size 38 which I didn’t want to believe  I might be one now. Nevertheless, I decided to try it on too. Well, just in case.

The queue at H&M was extremely long on every floor and though I initially didn’t want to join the queue, D told me to and he patiently waited with me. After a minute or so, a H&M staff came up  to me and brought me straight into the fitting room. I was pleasantly surprised and was beaming as I walk passed that long queue waiting outside the fitting room  (errmm… I was secretly waving to them in my mind..hehe).

Yes, D was right, size 38 of the mama shorts fitted me perfectly and comfortably. Darn. Unfortunately they didn’t have the blue I wanted, so I ended up with this black one. What I loved about it is the band which creates the support and comfort for my tummy. I don’t really like those that go all the way up to  the tummy as it makes me feel all wrapped up and hot.

I am really happy with my buy and my shopping experience at H&M today. Happy! <5pf>


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