I Wear Saturday

26 May

Everytime I was in Orchard the past few weeks (or even months), I mean to visit Rockstar by Soon Lee at Orchard Cineleisure as I saw some nice bags from their blog. I am hoping to get  a nice maternity bag and be a hot looking mama (dreaming…) since D had already gotten a multi-compartmentalized cool-looking maternity backpack for himself, I wanted one for myself too!

Finally after our dim sum lunch today, we decided to pay Rockstar a long overdue visit so that I could finally ease my “craving”. Unfortunately, nothing came out from the visit for maternity bags, but fortunately, I found myself a nice Saturday‘s dress (shown in the picture below – picture from their facebook page) which I could wear now at week 35 and will even look good after I deliver. I like its simplicity, the airyness of the material and the stylish design. Just what I needed.

Side track, actually I shouldn’t be buying too many clothes with horizontal stripes especially when I’m not in the best of shape now (I look FAT!), but somehow, I do have a soft spot for those patterns and I do have quite a few maternity pieces with horizontal stripes. Gosh!

I read that Saturday is a local label in Singapore designed by Nic Wong and Daniel Loh. We are always strong supporters of local designers and this (purchase) is a good way to acknowledge their works. The model in the picture definitely look better than me now, but nevermind, I will work towards her figure after I pop!

Now you have a great Saturday!! <5pf>


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