The Nine Months

9 Jun

My gynae informed us that I’ll be induced this coming Monday, 11 June 2012 because my blood pressure is higher than my usual. For the well-being of the baby, it is better to deliver sooner. I am at my 37+ week now and other than the high BP, things are looking great for me. Baby’s head is engaged, fluid in womb is sufficient, signs of contraction is showing and I have dilated to about 2 to 3 cm. Anyway 37 weeks is considered full term and I guess our boy is ready to see the world.

How quickly time has passed! It’s been nine months already? To think back what happened the past nine months makes me a little emotional somehow, but I thought it’ll be memorable to put it down in words here.

@ 3 weeks

First trimester was quite an experience for me. With the sensitivity to food and smell, the feeling of nausea, giddiness, bleeding and the anxiety to know if the baby was doing OK, there were highs and lows. At the same time, D and I were getting to terms that we were going to be parents soon.

@ 19 weeks

In the 2nd trimester, things were getting more settled. I began to understand the development of my body. Had rashes sometimes due to the weather and hormonal changes. I had no particular craving for food, but rather, I avoid eating certain ones which I used to enjoy because of the smell and taste. I began my 6-meals a day routine as I got hungry frequently (actually even up till today).

I felt the baby’s first movement. That day was very special as it was also the first day of the lunar new year (Dragon’s Year). D also felt our baby when I was in my 5th month. We also found out that we were having a boy and I must say, it was a surprise to me (not for D though).

@ 35 weeks

It’s amazing to see how much the baby grows each time we had the sonogram done.  As you can see from my 3rd trimester scan above, the baby has grown so much – you can only see his head now and in this scan, we love his sexy, pouty lips and sharp nose. The joy we get from looking at these scans makes D and my faces light up each time. This trimester is also the one when I cannot fit in most of my clothes and  undergarments, so it’s maternity wears if not nothing. But I am glad I got the “fashion” wears figured out eventually.

We only started stocking up the baby’s inventory at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and us being us, we got everything done (including a minor renovation in my room) a month before my EDD.

I was given hospitalisation leave to rest and so far, it has only been two weeks and we were told yesterday that I had to be induced this coming Monday.

So, am I ready for Monday? I don’t think any mothers will be ready for a delivery. I am not sure what to expect. All I wish is for a safe delivery and that the little one be born healthy and normal. D and I are looking forward to this new addition to our lives. We cannot wait to see  and hold him, and between us, we sometimes imagine and role-play how it will be like as parents already.

Till my next entry, I will embrace this new chapter with open arms and mind. It’ll be fun!! If not, hopefully we can make it fun! <5pf>


One Response to “The Nine Months”

  1. CT June 9, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    How are you feeling when writing this piece?
    I can feel your emotions !!
    My dear Fren, wish u a smooth & safe delivery!

    Hey BB D
    Aunty C can’t wait to meet u too. Be a good boy yah :))

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