29 Aug

It is my sister’s birthday today and I was searching for a place for dinner last night quite desperately till I came across reviews for Grub.

No reservation allowed. Long queue. Popular amongst Bishan residents and students of the owners (they are culinary teachers). Pets allowed. Sounds interesting to me but a challenged since we cannot make reservations and it is all the way in Bishan Park. But guess what? Everyone at home can reach Grub at 530pm!! Some of us are not working and others, can make it in time. How perfect for a visit!!

So off we went!! Grub is nestled in Bishan Park. You have got to follow the directions given in their website especially if you are not familiar with that area. A standalone restaurant with a relatively small sitting capacity. When we arrived, it was 5 minutes before their opening and we were happy to know that we were the first group for the evening.  Not long later, groups of people started streaming in. Phew!!

The food is not bad at all. Love the fries! The price on the menu were pretty reasonable and the staff were friendly and attentive. I love the space in the restaurant and looking out at nature through the glass panels from the inside, makes the whole experience pretty happy and relaxing.

Good choice for tonight and Happy Birthday sis!!  <5pf>










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