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While watching X Factor USA and browsing ASOS on my iPhone

26 Oct

All I want for Christmas is … …<5pf>







Gold & Bold

7 Jun


I’ve owned only one watch since 21 years old. And with the gold hype I’ve been having lately, look what I got from Asos!! I love it!!

This gold plain vintage looking watch has an elastic strap which was a tad too big for me. Lucky for me (as usual), D managed to find someone who knew how to adjust such elastic strap at GWC and voila I’m wearing it today!!!

It’s quite a good buy especially when Asos does not print its brand on it. All except that if your wrist is small like mine, you might need to do some adjustment. [5pf]

M for Me

24 Apr

Ordered M from Octa Hotel. Just wanted a plain M. Sometimes, don’t you want to just keep it plain and simple?

Wedding : The Theme

23 Apr

Everyone has been asking – What’s the theme?

English Garden – A touch of satin – A touch of gold

Let your imagination run free. You could come with a big feather hat, a huge power gold ring, a lovely satin gown or even a gown with satin ribbons, fancy polka dots bow ties or classic black ones. Some could come with Charlie Chaplin’s suspenders, bowler hat, a sleek hair do. It’s all up to you. Just to give you an idea, these came to mind. We hope you have fun dressing up to complete our theme instead of letting the stress overwhelm you. Hey, take it easy..let loose and have some fun. Come on….!

[From Bulgari, Oscar De Renta, Kate Spade, Twigs & Honey]

The Poetry of Time

9 Apr

Pont des Amoureux

Symphony Butteflies

Aren’t they beautiful? Looking at them is like visiting the museum and admiring a piece of art. The Poetry of Time series from Van Cleef & Arpels. <5pf>

Wedding : Citrine Earrings

21 Mar

I thought I knew what accessories I wanted for the wedding till I stepped into Trixilini at Millenia Walk yesterday.  Look at these gorgeous earrings by Mayberry (if you ask me, I don’t think the website does the accessories justice)!!! I’m not a fan of daggling earrings really, but when I tried these, I love them  instantly (of cos with D’s vote).

The yellow stone is the citrine stone. Citrine is derived from Latin and “Citrina” means yellow. It has been known for centuries as the “jewel of the sun”. Once the citrine is cut, it is hard for an average person to tell the difference between citrine and yellow topaz, which makes citrine a highly desirable gemstone for jewellery because you are usually paying less than what topaz would normally cost.  The citrine stone is associated with kindness, happiness and joy. How appropriate!

You probably can’t see from the picture, but the gold wire that goes round the yellow citrine stone is very fine and intricate. With the gold daggling bits of the earring swaying from side to side when you walk, it brings out the elegance and feminine in you. It’s very vintage, old world yet modern. Hopefully it goes well with the champagne colored evening gown for the wedding!

I’ve got another set of earrings and feature ring customized at Trixilini as well and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the stones set, can’t wait to get my hands on them! <5pf>

5pf’s : Mauve Hair Pin

27 Feb

I love what my look today!! Ya, a little smug here.

I’m in a little lavender dress and Melissa’s sandal. Since I had the time, I took a while with my make-up and started using UD’s The Black Palette. Wow!! The texture is so rich!! I had so much fun with it. If you like an intense or smokey eyes look, I encourage you to get a set.

And to top up with the whole look, I made my hair curl a lot more at the lower ends and put on this hairpin here which I got from Bangkok for less than S$3!! Happy!! <5pf>

‘Touch of Gold’

26 Feb

Discovered my ‘touch of gold’ for our special day – gold-plated cufflinks! Tear-drop shaped (no less!), for a very special occasion. Cufflinks suffer the same fate as the available ties in Singapore; they mostly do NOT look good.

Though the tailor mentioned that it does not matter that much as cufflinks are hidden when one is wearing a jacket, I am a proponent of quality within & without. Recent discoveries have irrevocably shifted my quality threshold for certain dress items; for instance, leather shoes.

Have always loved to learn about artisans and their obsessions with quality and craftsmanship. Of course, good design is an indispensable bedfellow!

Such items are rare for men in Singapore, and I am definitely enjoying the search!  <d>

Tiffany celebrates the year of Rabbit!

29 Jan

CNY Tiffany charms. Geeezzz…..check out more from here. *hop hop*<5pf>

something girly

29 Jan

to pull  up my hair . Look at the full ribbon!! *giggles* <5pf>

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