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While watching X Factor USA and browsing ASOS on my iPhone

26 Oct

All I want for Christmas is … …<5pf>







Qu’il Fait Bon!

12 Sep

Oui! We got this thermal lunch bag from Kinokuniya over the weekend. It’s by Qu’il Fait Bon, our favorite Japanese dessert tart shop. You can use it for hot or cold food/drinks. The lunch bag actually comes with a magazine featuring all of Qu’il Fait Bon tarts and its shop’s concept.

Here are pictures we took of the tarts we had at Qu’il Fait Bon, Kyoto in Oct 2008. You have not visited Japan if you have not tried their yummy tarts!

 Mango Tart

Fruit Tart

Fate has brought us back together though via a mere  thermal lunch bag and I simply couldn’t resist not getting it.

I know we will return someday. <5pf>

Muji : Organizers

13 Aug

Bought a few items to organize our stuff at home. As some of you know, we are fans of Muji and while I was having some me-time today, I found some lovely buys.

Acrylic Spectacle Shelf

D has 4 pair of glasses so this fit perfectly for him. You don’t see the 4th pair naturally because he is wearing it now. =) Made of durable acrylic and can be used either the way you see it here, or with the length flat by just removing the drawers and rotating it one side up.

Toiletries Bag

You can open it up wide and there are 3 compartments inside.

The smaller compartments are removable. For someone like me, this makes it so easy to bring my cosmetics, shampoos and all! And because it is not hard cover, it could be easily packed in my luggage.

Cosmetic pouch for home use

Couldn’t believe such a small bag like this fits all my make-ups! And can you see the 2 holders at each side of the  pouch? It holds up the top cover to prevent it from closing while you are using it and can be removed after used. Aren’t the Japanese innovative?? I miss Japan!!!!!!

Compartments for brushes and eyeliners. See the flap which covers the brushes? No problem if the brushes are slightly wet or dirty after use, the flap which is waterproof makes cleaning easy.

and here for everything else. On the right, they have elastic bands to hold your mascaras, eyeliners etc. On the left you can put bigger items like concealers, primers etc. For the pocket right at the back, I had filled it up with free samples. I love the fact that it is a all in one  pouch and I can simply pull it out from my drawer in the mornings and not make too much noise (like i did with the previous organizer) while D is catching on his sleep (he starts work an hour later than me. NOT FAIR!!*pout*).

I wish I could buy all the different sizes and designs of Muji’s toiletries bags and pouches because they not only look pretty to use, but comes in really handy. I want them all….. <5pf>

D’s new endeavour

29 Jul

compartments and organizing

short and sling handles

First all, congratulations D to your new endeavour!!

Seems like things are going well for D (wonder if I gave him some luck? hee! just kidding!). He was offered a branding job and starts work next week. I’m so happy for him!! To get things started, he went shopping for a work bag. D being D, design is crucial thus that was a challenge. After days of search, he got himself a Veja bag. The bag is made of calf leather (vegetable dye) and inner lining is made of cotton. It also has a compartment for laptop which was a key consideration in D’s purchase. I thought he looked good with it and most importantly, it will begin a brand new journey with him. All the best D!! <5pf>

How to wrap a gift with a Baggu?

21 Dec

You can find Baggu sold at Rockstar, Orchard Cineleisure, 3rd Floor. Happy christmas wrapping! <5pf>

Winter Wonderland!

4 Dec

This is lovely right? And very me right? Don’t be jealous, it was hauled back all the way from Tokyo!! The light-weight bag is made of thick and tough felt material. Together with the snow flake hanging there, it feels really “wintery”.

Thank you “you-know-who-you-are”, that’s really sweet. Arigato! <5pf>

Porcelein Print Shopping Bag

15 Nov

D got this for me from the Amsterdam Museum. Doesn’t it look good? Great for shopping and looks good with almost anything as it isn’t too casual and has a ‘class’ on its own. Nice. <5pf>

New-Old Things

10 Nov

Merlion Shopper

Silkscreen on polyester, Lightweight

1960’s National Museum Tote Bag

Made of Cotton Canvas, Natural Colour, W35cm x L35cm x D12cm

I always have a thing for the ‘new-old’ things. Great souveniers for overseas friends. You can purchase them at Farm’s online shop here. They have many other interesting designs of products too.

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