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Seba Med : Olive Face & Body Wash

2 Oct

Ooohhh…i love the fragrant of this one. Have been trying out a few of the soap free body wash and thought this one was quite good. No rash so far. Shall continue to monitor and see how it goes. <5pf>


Watsons National Day Haul!

7 Aug

Since Watsons was having a 10% off when you spend S$46 (a National Day promotion), I decided to pick up on some products I have been meaning to try.

Lucidol – For permed or curled hair

This is a new Lucidol product which helps make curls more defined. It is to be applied after styling. 2 or 3 pumps will do!

Thurday Plantation – Tea Tree Body Wash

I’m not sure if it is due to the weather (ie heat) or the sensitivity of my skin. I have been having little itch bumps on my body and legs. One day while showering, i realised that the body wash I have been using might have caused it. So while researching, it was found that soap ingredients causes rash/eczema. D was browsing the Watsons shelves with me the other day and told me to try this. Thursday Plantation body wash is organic and contains 100% tea tree oil. It is also soap free and that means you don’t get that bubbly foam you would normally get. I’ve tried it and somehow it works for me so thought I would stock up while there was discount for Watsons member. Yean, no more rash.

Maybeline – Hyper Curl Vol Express (Cat Eyes)

I have heard and read quite a bit about Maybeline’s Cat Eyes and took the opportunity to give it a go today. As soon as I came back, I did a trial. The comb brush holds up the mascara well and gives the lash the volume it needs. To put it bluntly, the lashes doesn’t look “naked” with it. All you need is 2 to 3 combs and you’ll get the volume you want. Mascaras have a shelf life of 3 months after opening and for the price of Maybeline’s Cat Eyes, I think it’s worth it since I don’t use mascara everyday.

Kneipp – Body & Massage Oils

24 Jul


After I apply my daily body moisturizer which takes some time to be absorbed and while lying in bed, it always gives me a feeling that the moisturizer has been “wiped” off by my blanket while I toss and turn in bed. So I thought, getting body oil might work better for me since the oil can stay and be absorbed better by our skin.

I had seen Kneipp’s body oil a while back in Watsons. So today, i got a trial bottle of Almond Blossom body oil. It contains vitamins A & E which are good for our skin. I’ve tried  and it seems to absorb well without feeling oily.

Then an interesting warming massage oil caught my eye. The Arnica massage oil contains almond, arnica and ginger. Apparently arnica has anti-inflammatory effect and with the ginger, it gives the massage a warming and soothing feeling. As I’ve been woken up by my shoulder/neck aches lately, I was happy to try this one out too.

D just did a shoulder massage for me. The Arnica oil smells pleasant and gives a very light warming effect. With the pain on my shoulder, I wish it was stronger though. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try. Let’s see if I can sleep better tonight! <5pf>

Scrub it out … …

20 Feb

Had wanted a good body scrub so I grabbed Scrub of Your Life from Soap & Glory. I have tried it and foun that the particles gives a good “rub” against your skin and leaves it feeling clean and fragrant afterwards. Woooo…I smell terrific!
D got the nose scrub. It could also be used for your face (T-Zone in particular) and it helps to refine pores and remove blemishes. You could also use it as a mask. It is minty and you’ll feel “cold” while scrubbing. Miraculouslyl after washing away the scrub, you’ll will feel the difference on your face immediately. It felt so soft and smooth. Really!!
We thought they were good buys and especially so when they were priced pretty reasonably. <5pf>

Zesty Citron!

14 Feb

Crabtree & Evelyn’s latest addition – Citron : Honey and Coriander. Received their promotional coupons for the following:

  1. Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel 250ml + Quenching Body Lotion 250ml + smoothing Body Scrub 175ml = Trial Price S$60 (UP :S$110)
  2. Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel 250ml + Quenching Body Lotion 250ml = Trial Price S$40 (UP :S$65)
  3. Skin Indulging Body Souffle 225g = Trial Price S$35 (UP :S$60)

Would love to get the body scrub, but do I need set 1? Wonder how I’ll smell after shower with the zesty citron on my skin. Perky? Hee!! <5pf>

Amica & Kneipp

7 Jan

I have never seen or heard of Amica. What caught me when we walked passed MPH at Parco Millenia was that big tube of  Kneipp body lotion. It is made in Germany, smells a little almond-ny and has vitamin A & E. Am collecting lots of body lotion these days. Wonder why…heh heh… <5pf>

Spiced Vanilla

28 Dec

Since we are in the topic of vanilla, this is what I receive from my aunt for Christmas. A bath & shower gel and a body butter in spice vanilla which comes with a body sponge from The Body Shop. They smell sweet. Good to use when you need something to perk you up early in the morning (especially mondays!!)! <5pf>

Cuccio Pomegranate & Fig Daily Skin Polisher

24 Dec

While I am preparing for THE day, I thought I should get some body scrub to even out any pigmentation and prepare my back for a more radiant looking skin. Before I got to that, I received a skin polisher as a christmas gift.  How timely. I dipped my fingers to “test” the texture and it was quite good with a rather refreshing scent. It is made in USA.  Can’t wait to shower later!! Woohoo!!

Next, I need a body scrub brush to reach my back. <5pf>

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