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Would you like a cup of tea? Again?

13 Feb

Yesterday was a perfect saturday. Got up, had dim sum. Window shopped. Got 2 perfect noodle bowls from Muji. Met up with my cousin, V. Then we headed to TWG @ Ion for a cup of tea in the evening. Initially I had wanted to get a gift there, but what I wanted was not available at Ion’s outlet. So instead I got 50 grams of the Royal Darjeeling tea which D had and which I enjoyed the “kick” from drinking. And very generous of TWG, we got a sample (of almost the same amount as the tea I bought) of the French Earl Grey. What a wonderful way to end the evening…with a one for one at TWG. Wee….. <5pf>


What is the verdict to TWG’s Vanilla Flower Tea?

28 Dec

Excellent!! It is better than Clipper’s. All it took was half a scoop of tea leaves and about 3 to 4 minutes and there you have a good cup of vanilla tea. I like Clipper’s Vanilla Tea for its aroma and heavy tea taste but it usually leaves me with a slight sour note at the end. For TWG’s Vanilla Flower tea, the aroma was great and lingering, the tea was strong but clean at the end. No matter how long I left the teabag in my cup, the tea did not turn bitter and still tasted good. I tried a 2nd round of tea with the same teabag, the taste was still there but not as strong though.

I am happy and contented with this  vanilla flower tea and will be filling more tea filters tonight! <5pf>

Oh Vanilla!

27 Dec

Vanilla Flower Tea Leaves

Tea Scoop in Silver Plate and Disposable Tea Filters

Vanilla Flower Tea Leaves on the Tea Scoop

– Preparing a trial bag for work tomorrow –

I love vanilla tea. In fact my favorite is Clipper’s Vanilla Tea. But I can’t seem to find it in any supermarkets anymore. So while exploring to find another vanilla tea, we had gone to TWG at Ion several times to try the various tea with vanilla in them.  So far, no luck. D got me this one to try (this is the last one in TWG’s vanilla list), I hope it’s good!! Well, I’m already loving the tin which D got for the tea leaves and the silver tea scoop that goes with it. Will let you know if it is good after I try it at work tomorrow. Something to look forward to in the morning at the office, finally! <5pf>

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