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Dulcet & Studio, Singapore

31 Jul

The desserts formerly from Tampopo Deli are now being made and baked in Dulcet & Studio, also a part of the CFC Group. It is located on the first floor of Liang Court. Dulcet? Studio? I personally feel that the name doesn’t sound like a food place. I supposed they are trying to position themselves as a modern, fushion, japanese /italian restaurant (?). Ducet & Studio offers pasta and the whole range of Tampopo Deli’s soft, light and fluffy cakes and pastries.

Instead Tampopo Deli now serves bento sets, ramens and takeaways. They also have counter seats for those who wish to have a quick meal.

Anyway as long as we can find Tampopo Deli’s cakes and pastries some where, it doesn’t matter where though we thought it’ll be a better marketing strategy to keep the Tampopo Deli’s name for its popular desserts.

These are what we had for tea today. The cakes and pastries are really light and soft and I finished my scoop cake in a few “scoops”. If you haven’t tried them, go have some. You won’t regret it.

Ducet & Studio

The interior

Fresh pasta is made

Macha chiffon cake

Cream puff

Scoop cake



D-lish Pencils!

10 Nov

Love the idea! Imagine all the other fun possibilities!

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Germany
Creative Director: Katrin Oeding
Art Direction: Reginald Wagner
Copywriter: Thomas Voelker
Account Manager: Marie Steinhoff
Photographer: Ulrike Kirmse

Oh, and came across the chocolate one before the cheese. Again, it was a special project, though this time, it was from the far East…

Japanese architect and designer Oki Sato with patissier (and Iron Chef champion) Tsujiguchi Hironobu (Le Chocolat de H) are the ones behind this. <d>

Qu’il Fait Bon!

12 Sep

Oui! We got this thermal lunch bag from Kinokuniya over the weekend. It’s by Qu’il Fait Bon, our favorite Japanese dessert tart shop. You can use it for hot or cold food/drinks. The lunch bag actually comes with a magazine featuring all of Qu’il Fait Bon tarts and its shop’s concept.

Here are pictures we took of the tarts we had at Qu’il Fait Bon, Kyoto in Oct 2008. You have not visited Japan if you have not tried their yummy tarts!

 Mango Tart

Fruit Tart

Fate has brought us back together though via a mere  thermal lunch bag and I simply couldn’t resist not getting it.

I know we will return someday. <5pf>

Wedding : Cakes & Tarts

12 Mar

What’s an English Garden without cakes and tarts?

It’s not decided which ones exactly as we are still in discussion with the pastry chef, but this is a peek of the type of desserts we’ll be serving our lovely guests. And did we say they will be Japanese pastries? After all the pastry chef is a Japanese of a Japanese bakery. Which one? We’re not telling. Hope we’ve got your palette teased.  *wink* <5pf>

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