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5pf’s : Evening Gown

24 Apr

My friends collected their gowns today. I think they make good designers as the designs came out close to what they wanted but I can’t speak the same on the workmanship though.  But I know the girls can carry them with their stylish accessorizing!!

My friend,  J, had wanted some frills for her gown but either the tailor didn’t get it or has zero designer juice in her, she tagged a ribbon loosely just below the toga shoulder. I was glad she didn’t sew it down tightly or I wouldn’t be able to do the frills for J. I took the gown home and started figuring  out  how I could make  the ribbon look nicer.  After an hour of fiddling, bugging D for opinions, pin tagging the design, I finally got this. I hope J don’t mind me trying on her gown as I wanted to (and needed to) make sure I got the positioning done right for the frills. So here is my very first sewing/design since a zillions years and I realise, I miss sewing and all that art and crafts I did in school.

Hey J, I hope you like it. <5pf>


Wedding : Invites

16 Apr

We went for the hotel’s invite and here’s what we did to make it “ours”. Hope you like what we did for each and every one of you.

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