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More DOTS, polkadots

10 Aug

Got myself a 1969 chambray shirt from Gap for the weekends.  It’s a simple piece with my favorite polka dots. Think details like these make dressing up more fun. Pairing the shirt with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans are great choices for me these days. Seriously, I don’t have much time to dress up now.  So this is peerrrffeeccttt!!

Have a good weekend people!!  <5pf>





Polka dots

10 Aug

Who says mummy and son can’t dress alike? That said, I’m actually not the sort of mummy who goes matchy matchy with my kid. It’s just too much. But while shopping online on Gap, these caught my eyes. They’ll be great for indoor playgrounds!


And ya, who says boys can’t wear polka dots? <5pf>

I Wear Saturday

26 May

Everytime I was in Orchard the past few weeks (or even months), I mean to visit Rockstar by Soon Lee at Orchard Cineleisure as I saw some nice bags from their blog. I am hoping to get  a nice maternity bag and be a hot looking mama (dreaming…) since D had already gotten a multi-compartmentalized cool-looking maternity backpack for himself, I wanted one for myself too!

Finally after our dim sum lunch today, we decided to pay Rockstar a long overdue visit so that I could finally ease my “craving”. Unfortunately, nothing came out from the visit for maternity bags, but fortunately, I found myself a nice Saturday‘s dress (shown in the picture below – picture from their facebook page) which I could wear now at week 35 and will even look good after I deliver. I like its simplicity, the airyness of the material and the stylish design. Just what I needed.

Side track, actually I shouldn’t be buying too many clothes with horizontal stripes especially when I’m not in the best of shape now (I look FAT!), but somehow, I do have a soft spot for those patterns and I do have quite a few maternity pieces with horizontal stripes. Gosh!

I read that Saturday is a local label in Singapore designed by Nic Wong and Daniel Loh. We are always strong supporters of local designers and this (purchase) is a good way to acknowledge their works. The model in the picture definitely look better than me now, but nevermind, I will work towards her figure after I pop!

Now you have a great Saturday!! <5pf>

“Family” shoes

29 Apr

<picture from Rockstar>

This one is for the dad.

<picture from Rockstar>

This one is for the mum.

<picture from H&M Singapore>

And this one is for the kid.

So, what do you think?  <5pf>

Uniqlo’s boat neck striped tunic

21 Apr

This 100% cotton tunic is from Uniqlo and was on sale. It was a good buy. Great for work and it’s not warm at all.  Love the yellow and blue stripe combination. And don’t ask me what size it is, I am not telling. Heh. <5pf>

Mama shorts

21 Apr

I have been diligently checking out H&M Singapore’s website on the baby & maternity wears. A few nights back I saw this shorts up and told D I HAD to take a look. Off we went today! Lucky for me, we found it but there weren’t many pieces left (blame it on the dragon year). I took a couple of my “dream” sizes to try on while D picked up a size 38 which I didn’t want to believe  I might be one now. Nevertheless, I decided to try it on too. Well, just in case.

The queue at H&M was extremely long on every floor and though I initially didn’t want to join the queue, D told me to and he patiently waited with me. After a minute or so, a H&M staff came up  to me and brought me straight into the fitting room. I was pleasantly surprised and was beaming as I walk passed that long queue waiting outside the fitting room  (errmm… I was secretly waving to them in my mind..hehe).

Yes, D was right, size 38 of the mama shorts fitted me perfectly and comfortably. Darn. Unfortunately they didn’t have the blue I wanted, so I ended up with this black one. What I loved about it is the band which creates the support and comfort for my tummy. I don’t really like those that go all the way up to  the tummy as it makes me feel all wrapped up and hot.

I am really happy with my buy and my shopping experience at H&M today. Happy! <5pf>

Fleur Wood – A gift for the mummy from CT

8 Apr

My dearest university friend, CT, who is visiting Singapore with her husband, got me this girly top from Fleur Wood. It’s from an Australian designer. She thought since alot of attention will be going to the baby, something for the mummy would be nice. How thoughtful!

I’m not doing justice to the top here with the pictures I took, because if you visit their website, they express femininity and dreaminess. A closer look on this piece made me realised that it was put together with a few types of materials and laces. What a piece of art!   It could go with a pair of skinny jeans or maybe even with a long light dress inside. I lay the delicate top on myself, hoping I could slip in during this time of my pregnancy with expected disappointment. Of course, I couldn’t put it on!! What was I thinking?

I now await the day my little one is born and will put this art piece on as soon as I can return to my old figure. Can’t wait!!!! <5pf>

Nursing wear

31 Mar

Got this nursing dress from Muji. I thought it’ll be smart to get nursing wears so that I can wear them now and during post-pregnancy. To breastfeed in this dress, all you need to do is to unbutton the front and you’ll find a short camisole inside which is attached to the dress by 2 buttons on the shoulders. After that, detach either one button and you can feed your baby easily.

And yes, that’s me at 27 weeks! <5pf>

Buys from Kiehls

31 Mar

This is totally organic. I’ve used the moisturizer before and liked that it lasted well through my day and night. It’s texture is also creamier than other moisturizers and lasted me a good 3 months at least. For the size like this, I thought it’s worth the money. So I got the toner to try this round since the new one I got from L’occitane was stinging my face (though I had used it before). Hopefully it’s as good as the moisturizer. <5pf>

OPI – NYC Ballet Petites

31 Mar

Smoochiezz, the online make-up and accessories shop is having a temporary store at Tanjong Pagar MRT Exchange. D and I walk pass it everyday when he brings me to work and last week, this caught my eye! I deliberated for one day and when we saw it again the next day, they had only left with 2 boxes. No doubt an eye-catcher! So with D’s encouragement (as usual), I decided to grab it. This miniature set is selling for S$18 and S$19.50 if you purchase it online at Smoochiezz. Such a graceful series, don’t you think? <5pf>

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