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What in our oven today?

15 Sep


Rustic cottage pie. E seems to like it.Yeah!


What’s in our fridge today?

8 Sep

image (5)

We got this Nutella spread from Resorts World last weekend. It’s made in Italy and definitely smoother, richer yet creamier than those we usually buy from the supermarket. Love love love it! <5pf>

What’s in our oven today?

7 Sep

Food Cover

Our friends are coming over for dinner tonight. But nope, we are not cooking. They are getting takeaways. And so I thought I should bake a small cake at the very least. Ta-da! The eggless vanilla cake since I had remaining yoghurt from my previous bakes.

Check out this mini food cover D got recently. I love its  black and white checkered with lace  trimmings. It matches our home perfectly and costs us only SGD2. Sometimes if you find hard enough, budget shops do have nice stuff. Start hunting!! <5pf>


29 Aug

It is my sister’s birthday today and I was searching for a place for dinner last night quite desperately till I came across reviews for Grub.

No reservation allowed. Long queue. Popular amongst Bishan residents and students of the owners (they are culinary teachers). Pets allowed. Sounds interesting to me but a challenged since we cannot make reservations and it is all the way in Bishan Park. But guess what? Everyone at home can reach Grub at 530pm!! Some of us are not working and others, can make it in time. How perfect for a visit!!

So off we went!! Grub is nestled in Bishan Park. You have got to follow the directions given in their website especially if you are not familiar with that area. A standalone restaurant with a relatively small sitting capacity. When we arrived, it was 5 minutes before their opening and we were happy to know that we were the first group for the evening.  Not long later, groups of people started streaming in. Phew!!

The food is not bad at all. Love the fries! The price on the menu were pretty reasonable and the staff were friendly and attentive. I love the space in the restaurant and looking out at nature through the glass panels from the inside, makes the whole experience pretty happy and relaxing.

Good choice for tonight and Happy Birthday sis!!  <5pf>









Brunch at Symmetry

24 Aug

We had brunch at Symmetry with my lovely girlfriends today. It was meant to be a girls’ day out but the 2 boys joined us after a change of plans. It was great fun!!

It is located on the ground floor in one of those 2 stories shophouse along Jalan Kubor.

If you are a coffee lover, it’s a place you could try. According to my girlfriends, the coffee was good! For me, the mocha was a bit too thick, but I think I could learn to appreciate it, afterall, it was quite well brewed.

I enjoyed my mains, the duck egg with pearl barley and spinach. My girl friends seem to enjoy their meals too.

A place to return for coffees in the afternoon!!! <5pf>



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What’s in our fridge today?

18 Aug



Marks & Spencer came out with a new range of snacks and we have been feeding ourselves with them. Yumz! Even the packaging looks great.

I’ve not tried the chocolates yet but the butterscotch candies are really good. Unlike the other brands which have them really sweet, this one has a perfect sweetness to it. I’ve also tried the strawberries and cream candies, it was just as nice. I love them! It’s always good to have a pack of candies in your bag. So these ones will be in mine for a while.

Have a lovely Sunday!! (5pf)


8 Apr

Duck breast with crispy skin

Duck breast with crispy skin

Black cod with red miso

Black cod with red miso

Udon in tonkatsu soup base

Udon in tonkatsu soup base

Char-grilled asparagus

Char-grilled asparagus

Crispy squid

Crispy squid

Dinner at Ku De Ta was memorable. First of all, it was with great company. Second of all, it was with great food. It is located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. The portions, though small, are meant for sharing.

When I first got into the restaurant, I told D that the place felt like one in New York. Many of the dining places in New York have their tables really near each other and the character of those places were the noise and high-spirits in the air almost like a party going on at everyone’s table with some sound from the clinging of wine glasses and laughter from a good conversation.

D and I really enjoyed the food very much. If not for A and CT, we would not have thought of visiting the place. My personally favorite are the udon and squid. I could just have these 2 dishes all by myself the next time I visit, it’s just too yummy to share! Ha! Just joking. <5pf>

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