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U Chiang Mai Resort & Hotel, Chiang Mai

2 Jul

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Photos by 5pf

We were welcomed and amazed by the hospitality the hotel had offered us. A good choice smacked in the center of the old city of Chiang Mai. Our first trip and one definitely worth exploring more.


A Mini Getaway!!

30 Mar

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Banyan Tree Bintan Resort – Lobby

Tree Top Restaurant

View from Tree Top Restaurant

The Pool overlooking the South China Sea

The Spa

The Massage Oils

The Spa Villa

Refreshments after spa treatment

Decided to give D a treat for his birthday. So I planned for a one day getaway at Banyan Tree Bintan. We had always wanted a day trip there, but never got round to doing it. So since Banyan Tree was having a promo and it included land transfers to/from the resort, I jumped into it. Also, the ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan was having a promotion where you get a 50% off the ferry fare if you travel on your birthday month. Ahhh… timely! The website for booking the ferry has also been upgraded and it is now much easier to book your ferry tickets.

We took the earliest ferry at 910am (SG Time) and depart at  535pm from Bintan. We had brunch when we arrived and relaxed till our massage session. It was  a relaxing trip and one that D was looking forward to for a long long time. Glad he enjoyed it! <5pf>

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