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Product Enquiry: Muji Breton Seaweed Hair Milk

3 Jan

Right, I promised I’ll revert with the review for the Muji Seaweed Hair Milk but because I wasn’t sure if it is a leave-on conditioner, I decided to check with Muji first. Glad I did cos I’ve been washing it away the last 2 times i used it and decided to wait for Muji’s reply as I felt something was amiss due to the non-greasy texture of the milk. Phew!!!

Query from 5pf:
Hi, I just purchased Muji’s Seaweed Hair Milk. May I know if this is a leave on conditioner? There is no product description on how to use it. Appreciate if you could revert soonest. Thanks.
Reply from Muji

Dear Michelle Lim,

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your interest on our product.

We are pleased to inform you that the item Breton Seaweed Hair Milk (4934761081014) is a leave on product, no need to rinse it off once you applied the product on your hair. Please find product information below.

Essence hair without washing, to give hair shine and moisture

Please feel free to contact us if you require clarifications or additional information, thank you!

Cecille Borja Valerio
Customer Service Officer
MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Just Muji & I

30 Dec

I had received a Muji voucher as a gift for Christmas and decided that it’s about time we visited Muji, our love.

While we were in the store, some of the items were on sale. The seaweed shampoo is one that D and I have been using for a while and it helps in controlling oily scalps and dryness. It smells great too!

We have been collecting the shampoo bottles (we have 4 now) since we first bought it and have been keeping them so that we can recycle them for home use when our nest arrives (so that all hand soap and dish washing detergent bottles look coordinated in the house with probably a label to distinguish them). Once you remove all the labels, the bottle looks nice and zen. But since the shampoo in the bottle has been sold out, we got the refill instead. The difference is a mere S$3 but the difference is that you can save our mother earth. =)

I saw this new product in store – Seaweed Hair Milk  and found it interesting. Hair milk, doesn’t it sound nourishing? Will try and shall review soon. <5pf>

Spring 2012 : New Twists

3 Nov

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From Vogue <5pf>

Watsons National Day Haul!

7 Aug

Since Watsons was having a 10% off when you spend S$46 (a National Day promotion), I decided to pick up on some products I have been meaning to try.

Lucidol – For permed or curled hair

This is a new Lucidol product which helps make curls more defined. It is to be applied after styling. 2 or 3 pumps will do!

Thurday Plantation – Tea Tree Body Wash

I’m not sure if it is due to the weather (ie heat) or the sensitivity of my skin. I have been having little itch bumps on my body and legs. One day while showering, i realised that the body wash I have been using might have caused it. So while researching, it was found that soap ingredients causes rash/eczema. D was browsing the Watsons shelves with me the other day and told me to try this. Thursday Plantation body wash is organic and contains 100% tea tree oil. It is also soap free and that means you don’t get that bubbly foam you would normally get. I’ve tried it and somehow it works for me so thought I would stock up while there was discount for Watsons member. Yean, no more rash.

Maybeline – Hyper Curl Vol Express (Cat Eyes)

I have heard and read quite a bit about Maybeline’s Cat Eyes and took the opportunity to give it a go today. As soon as I came back, I did a trial. The comb brush holds up the mascara well and gives the lash the volume it needs. To put it bluntly, the lashes doesn’t look “naked” with it. All you need is 2 to 3 combs and you’ll get the volume you want. Mascaras have a shelf life of 3 months after opening and for the price of Maybeline’s Cat Eyes, I think it’s worth it since I don’t use mascara everyday.

Lucidol Hair Oil

31 Jul

I got this hair oil a while back. It contains camellia oil and has a floral fragrant. If you are one of those who uses the hair dryer to dry your hair, you could apply this on your semi-dry hair before using the hair dryer. This will help keep the moisture and protect your hair from the harshness of the heat that might damage your hair. It is also good for hair which are dry during the day. I use  a pump each before and after drying my hair.  A hair serum could do the same too. Worth a try!! <5pf>

Back to basics

30 Jul

Shampoos. I’m not sure about you, but I do not tend to stick to one brand of shampoo. Perhaps I’m still looking for THE ONE which could tame my hair and give it some life. I read about hair products in the August Her World and found this one from Bodyshop rather interesting. It says No silicones, no sulphates, no colorant, no parabens. Sounds organic doesn’t it? Let’s see if it works for me… <5pf>

Hair Serum

27 May

I can’t wait to chop of my hair. Think the length I’m having now is the longest I ever had in my entire life. And with this freaking humid and hot weather, my hair is getting so dry and fizzy. I got a little worried with the dryness and headed to Watsons hoping to look for some magic. Ha! D and I came across this whole new shelf of haircare at Watsons in GWC. Pantene’s Clinicare range of hair serum “frizz defense” caught our eye. We found out from the SA that it just hit our shores for about a month and it was made in Japan. =)

After washing my hair and drying it with a towel, I put about 3 drops of the hair serum on my palms and spread it on my hair (especially at the end). It tames my very dry and lifeless hair. I have been using it for a week and am happy with the results. So bye bye dry hair. Woopeee!! <5pf>

Updos & Chignons

19 May

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can’t decide. updos? <5pf>

5pf’s : Mauve Hair Pin

27 Feb

I love what my look today!! Ya, a little smug here.

I’m in a little lavender dress and Melissa’s sandal. Since I had the time, I took a while with my make-up and started using UD’s The Black Palette. Wow!! The texture is so rich!! I had so much fun with it. If you like an intense or smokey eyes look, I encourage you to get a set.

And to top up with the whole look, I made my hair curl a lot more at the lower ends and put on this hairpin here which I got from Bangkok for less than S$3!! Happy!! <5pf>

Here comes the bride – Rosa Clara

30 Nov




Lovely bridal complements by Rosa Clara.

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