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Lovely Interiors

15 Oct

Brazilian ironwood spiral stairs, polished concrete floors and floating stairs, mustard rug, table with a patina, fibreglass lead sculptures from the ceiling. The Casa Cubo project, by Isay Weinfeld. Loving it! <d>


S$2 cutleries from Daiso

13 Apr

Remember the lunch box I got earlier (read here)? I needed some cutleries for my fruits which dad packs for me everyday (a preggy incentive only). I was complaining to D that I didn’t want to dirty my hands during work and wanted a pick or fork for the fruits. So D got me these cute cutleries¬†from Daiso, a mini fork and a spoon. It fits well to the lunch box.

How convenient it is for me to eat during work! Yeah, D made a good choice! <5pf>

My new lunch box!

31 Mar

Dad has been giving me 2 sandwiches in separate plastic bags and a pack of fruits in another plastic bag (I must say he has been feeding me very well and trying to meet all nutrition needs, where possible) every weekday. So all in all, 3 new plastic bags are used each day. It’s a bit of a waste and I thought, perhaps we should be a bit more earth friendly.

While we were at Daiso today, I came across this 2-tier lunch box. The size is just nice for 2 sandwiches – when I say sandwich, it is just one slice of bread folded into two. Not sure if a fruit can go in there, but nevertheless, I would have already saved 2 plastic bags per day.

On the 3rd picture above, you can see that cutleries can be fitted on top as well. Quite a bargain for just S$2. As the lunch box doesn’t hold well on its own, we bought the cyan band which goes round the lunch box separately and it costs us 3 for S$2.

Now, don’t my brekkie look yummy already? <5pf>

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