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Lego Calender That Syncs With A Virtual One!

2 Oct

Lego Calender + Virtual Calender!

Yes, these peeps wrote a software for this, and use it in their studio! With each update, they simply take a photo and email that to a specific address. Then it is updated on the cloud, such as google calender, so the whole team is updated. Love it!


Tech + Touching Your Heart

20 Sep

Humane + Tech

I have always been an ardent proponent of innovations, be it in knowledge, technology, or any other areas. For instance, the being able to control your computer with your hands in the air, ala ‘minority report,’ affordably! (pic below)

Though I have learnt that it is more suitable for laptops placed lower, where I will not need to lift my hands too high up – it gets tiring in the typical desktop setup. This is the very reason why Apple opted not to develop touchscreen for its computers.

But what resonates with me more is how innovation is applied, which I like to share in this post (top pic & vid). Adding the tactile element to internet search, leveraging on affordable 3-D printing, AND thinking of its value to the visually impaired…

Tech + Humane isn’t that wonderful? <d>

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