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Muji Acasia Fruit Plate

11 Nov


Lovely wooden plate. For E’s  favorite bananas. Joking. For fruits and everything else. <5pf>


Fun 3D Cookies!

9 Oct

Recently started experimenting with baking – I have a long way to go, but still am excited at the prospects of making delicious and fresh snacks for my wife & son!

& talk about engaging children, you think these will get their attention? <d>

What’s in our oven today?

7 Sep

Food Cover

Our friends are coming over for dinner tonight. But nope, we are not cooking. They are getting takeaways. And so I thought I should bake a small cake at the very least. Ta-da! The eggless vanilla cake since I had remaining yoghurt from my previous bakes.

Check out this mini food cover D got recently. I love its  black and white checkered with lace  trimmings. It matches our home perfectly and costs us only SGD2. Sometimes if you find hard enough, budget shops do have nice stuff. Start hunting!! <5pf>

Hello! I’m back with a Blueberry Vanilla Eggless Cake!

9 Aug

Hello!! I can’t believe that time passed by so fast and it’s been a year already. My son is now 13 months old. Wow!! It’s amazing how motherhood has been. I mean, amazing.

I think, I’m ready to start blogging again. I’m gonna start slow so please bear with me and be patient with my snail posts. As I told one of my friends, I’ll probably be posting short posts more often and if time permits, a good piece.

And since today is Singapore’s birthday, let me start with a cake entry. Here’s a homemade blueberry vanilla eggless cake I made this morning to celebrate this special day.

Cheers to a new beginning everyone!! Miss you all!! <5pf>




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