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Dior : Liquid Foundation

30 Aug

Just finished using my Dior’s Nude liquid foundation and had looked around for other brands wanting something different. In the end, I was stuck to the same as it feels light and covers well for me. It contains SPF and minerals for the skin and all you need is one to two pumps. Worth trying. Go get samples to try before you purchase it.

The SA provided me with the Capture Totale series of skincare and foundation. It contains skincare ingredients which prevent anti-aging. Coverage for the Capture foundation is from medium to high, thus not for me as I prefer the natural look for make-up.

Eyecare products from the Capture range.

Last but not least, in celebration of Khiels’ 160 birthday, Khiels is giving away samples from their top 10 customers’ favorite. As long as you are a Tangs’ member, you are entitled to a pack like this. <5pf>


Chanel Luminous Eyeshadow

6 Aug

82 Emerveille

Comes with a brush


More samples…

Yes! I couldn’t resist. I had my eyes on the illusion d’ombre since its launched. It comes in 6 colors and I got one of the lightest one. Reason? I love the color (looks goldish?? *hint*)!! I also wanted to try this lighter shade and use it as a eye shadow or a eyeliner achieving a cleaner look for both night and day. Their darker colors are definitely great for eyeliners, night makeup and smokey look. It comes with a small angled brush-how perfect for doing the eyeliners! Go check them out at all chanel counters!! <5pf>

Dutyfree shopping spree!!

2 Jul

It’s been a while I’ve indulged in skincare, cosmetic and perfume. A good time to get them since we were at dutyfree. Here are some of the stuff I got, Great harvest!! <5pf>

Fancl’s Mild Cleansing Oil

27 Mar

Received a mailer from Fancl a few days back that another limited edition cleansing oil – the Japanese Dance arrived in town. Yeah!! Just in time since I wanted to get it for a while.

It’s easily my favorite cleansing oil since it’s does a good job in removing mascara and doesn’t leave your face feeling oily. I got a free facial washing powder for my purchase and that made me quite happy already.

In the packaging there are stickers for you to mark the expiry date which is 4 months from the date the bottle is opened. How thoughtful!! Japanese products are always of great detail and never fail to add surprises to your purchase. <5pf>

I’m addicted…

21 Feb

… to Urban Decay.  I just love the smooth and fine texture of their eye shadows which makes it so easy to apply. I got The Black Palette.

it comes with an eyeshadow primer…

… and a 24/7 black eyeliner. Had wanted very dark tones for the smokey eyes look, so the palette was great for me. I especially liked the Cobra shade! Even D said it looks good! so yeah, that’s why  got it!  *winks* <5pf>

Light & Glowing

30 Oct

I only began using loose powder this year. Had wanted a change as I feel “heavy” on my face sometimes with compact powders. And in our kind of weather, using compact powder (perhaps just for me and the one I used) makes my face feels more oily. I was determine to resolve this “oily” issue (gals can be die-heart when it comes to beauty). After gotten myself some good liquid foundation, I went down RMK to check out its loose powder. Ahhh…very light, slightly shimmered, just the way I like it. The powder is really fine, smells fresh(!) and gives a very nice glow to your look. Perhaps seemingly, when you touch your face, it feels “skin”-like too. I like!! <5pf>

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