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The Nine Months

9 Jun

My gynae informed us that I’ll be induced this coming Monday, 11 June 2012 because my blood pressure is higher than my usual. For the well-being of the baby, it is better to deliver sooner. I am at my 37+ week now and other than the high BP, things are looking great for me. Baby’s head is engaged, fluid in womb is sufficient, signs of contraction is showing and I have dilated to about 2 to 3 cm. Anyway 37 weeks is considered full term and I guess our boy is ready to see the world.

How quickly time has passed! It’s been nine months already? To think back what happened the past nine months makes me a little emotional somehow, but I thought it’ll be memorable to put it down in words here.

@ 3 weeks

First trimester was quite an experience for me. With the sensitivity to food and smell, the feeling of nausea, giddiness, bleeding and the anxiety to know if the baby was doing OK, there were highs and lows. At the same time, D and I were getting to terms that we were going to be parents soon.

@ 19 weeks

In the 2nd trimester, things were getting more settled. I began to understand the development of my body. Had rashes sometimes due to the weather and hormonal changes. I had no particular craving for food, but rather, I avoid eating certain ones which I used to enjoy because of the smell and taste. I began my 6-meals a day routine as I got hungry frequently (actually even up till today).

I felt the baby’s first movement. That day was very special as it was also the first day of the lunar new year (Dragon’s Year). D also felt our baby when I was in my 5th month. We also found out that we were having a boy and I must say, it was a surprise to me (not for D though).

@ 35 weeks

It’s amazing to see how much the baby grows each time we had the sonogram done.  As you can see from my 3rd trimester scan above, the baby has grown so much – you can only see his head now and in this scan, we love his sexy, pouty lips and sharp nose. The joy we get from looking at these scans makes D and my faces light up each time. This trimester is also the one when I cannot fit in most of my clothes and  undergarments, so it’s maternity wears if not nothing. But I am glad I got the “fashion” wears figured out eventually.

We only started stocking up the baby’s inventory at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and us being us, we got everything done (including a minor renovation in my room) a month before my EDD.

I was given hospitalisation leave to rest and so far, it has only been two weeks and we were told yesterday that I had to be induced this coming Monday.

So, am I ready for Monday? I don’t think any mothers will be ready for a delivery. I am not sure what to expect. All I wish is for a safe delivery and that the little one be born healthy and normal. D and I are looking forward to this new addition to our lives. We cannot wait to see  and hold him, and between us, we sometimes imagine and role-play how it will be like as parents already.

Till my next entry, I will embrace this new chapter with open arms and mind. It’ll be fun!! If not, hopefully we can make it fun! <5pf>


4 more weeks to go!

30 May

(I am wearing the Saturday’s dress)

I’m in my final dash and in my 9th month today. Oh goodness, I can’t believe that in 4 weeks, I’ll be seeing my little tot. The little one who has been communicating with me through his kicks, rubs and stretch. Amazing.

As you can see, my feet are swollen. Though I thought less walking is good but my gynae insist that I should be doing more exercise to prepare myself for delivery. I’m feeling clumsy at this stage and any movements (what more exercises) aren’t the easiest thing to do.

I have not been sleeping well. Breathless when I lie flat to sleep, so now I have to stack heaps of pillows to lie in 45 degrees.  I visit the toilet a lot more. I walk like a snail. I don’t feel like doing anything but to lie on my bed.  To sum it up, I’m tired.

And for now, my only hope is for me to get the rest I deserve to get. <5pf>

I Wear Saturday

26 May

Everytime I was in Orchard the past few weeks (or even months), I mean to visit Rockstar by Soon Lee at Orchard Cineleisure as I saw some nice bags from their blog. I am hoping to get  a nice maternity bag and be a hot looking mama (dreaming…) since D had already gotten a multi-compartmentalized cool-looking maternity backpack for himself, I wanted one for myself too!

Finally after our dim sum lunch today, we decided to pay Rockstar a long overdue visit so that I could finally ease my “craving”. Unfortunately, nothing came out from the visit for maternity bags, but fortunately, I found myself a nice Saturday‘s dress (shown in the picture below – picture from their facebook page) which I could wear now at week 35 and will even look good after I deliver. I like its simplicity, the airyness of the material and the stylish design. Just what I needed.

Side track, actually I shouldn’t be buying too many clothes with horizontal stripes especially when I’m not in the best of shape now (I look FAT!), but somehow, I do have a soft spot for those patterns and I do have quite a few maternity pieces with horizontal stripes. Gosh!

I read that Saturday is a local label in Singapore designed by Nic Wong and Daniel Loh. We are always strong supporters of local designers and this (purchase) is a good way to acknowledge their works. The model in the picture definitely look better than me now, but nevermind, I will work towards her figure after I pop!

Now you have a great Saturday!! <5pf>

Kourtney Kardashian, the hot mama

20 May

Kourtney Kardashian, expecting a daughter, looks fab as always. I wish I could look like that. Darn. <5pf>

Uniqlo’s boat neck striped tunic

21 Apr

This 100% cotton tunic is from Uniqlo and was on sale. It was a good buy. Great for work and it’s not warm at all.  Love the yellow and blue stripe combination. And don’t ask me what size it is, I am not telling. Heh. <5pf>

Mama shorts

21 Apr

I have been diligently checking out H&M Singapore’s website on the baby & maternity wears. A few nights back I saw this shorts up and told D I HAD to take a look. Off we went today! Lucky for me, we found it but there weren’t many pieces left (blame it on the dragon year). I took a couple of my “dream” sizes to try on while D picked up a size 38 which I didn’t want to believe  I might be one now. Nevertheless, I decided to try it on too. Well, just in case.

The queue at H&M was extremely long on every floor and though I initially didn’t want to join the queue, D told me to and he patiently waited with me. After a minute or so, a H&M staff came up  to me and brought me straight into the fitting room. I was pleasantly surprised and was beaming as I walk passed that long queue waiting outside the fitting room  (errmm… I was secretly waving to them in my mind..hehe).

Yes, D was right, size 38 of the mama shorts fitted me perfectly and comfortably. Darn. Unfortunately they didn’t have the blue I wanted, so I ended up with this black one. What I loved about it is the band which creates the support and comfort for my tummy. I don’t really like those that go all the way up to  the tummy as it makes me feel all wrapped up and hot.

I am really happy with my buy and my shopping experience at H&M today. Happy! <5pf>

Nursing wear

31 Mar

Got this nursing dress from Muji. I thought it’ll be smart to get nursing wears so that I can wear them now and during post-pregnancy. To breastfeed in this dress, all you need to do is to unbutton the front and you’ll find a short camisole inside which is attached to the dress by 2 buttons on the shoulders. After that, detach either one button and you can feed your baby easily.

And yes, that’s me at 27 weeks! <5pf>

Me @ 24 weeks

11 Mar

I am finding it hard getting nice clothes to wear even when I’m now heading to the maternity section. I thought H&M would help, but the items seems to be running out fast. Blame it on the dragon year. How I detest those who have babies for the sake of “the auspicious year”. But I get by with the “normal” wears I see, which in fact, I would feel happier buying. =)

I’m in my 24 weeks now. Getting more tired actually. My back and legs are aching slightly more. I still have some scary moments now and then, but when i feel a kick in there, he seems to be telling me “hey mummy, don’t worry, it’s ok.” and that calms me down.

I guess this is what they say motherhood is all about – the joy &  the unspoken excitement to see the little one soon. This goes the same for D, he is as excited as I am, if not double!!. We are both looking forward for this new challenge ahead. Wooohoo!! <5pf>

Something more comfortable for the maternity girl

5 Feb

Been getting rashes lately due to the heat and my body stretching at this stage of 2nd trimester. So, D got me some cotton maternity boxer panties from our all time favorite store, Muji @ Paragon. I love them as they are so comfortable and they fall nicely just below the bump. Now, the rash seems to be better. See, we got some more today!!  <5pf>

Now, MUJI to the rescue!!

4 Jan

It’s unbelievable that when it comes to maternity wear, I’ve got nothing and I mean nothing that I would want to or feel like buying. The sight of the designs, materials, colors and even the name of the shop or the brand, makes my head turn away and give up. I tried shopping online and would eventually find myself clicking on the dresses/tops/bottoms for non-maternity wears as I would just try my luck in getting pieces which gives enough of “room” for my coming big bump. I just didn’t want to get the not-so-nice maternity wears.

But too bad, it came to a point that I could not put on some of my pants and dresses and that was alarming. No clothes to wear? No options? You must be kidding me?

Through pure perseverance and luck, while we were at Muji (Marina Square outlet) the other day, we realised that they carry maternity wears and WE ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE that I BOUGHT SOME MATERNITY WEARS! What a perfect brand to start off this new fashion journey of mine.

So to get things started, I got 2 pairs of leggings. One in grey and one in black/grey stripes as shown below. It comes with an adjustable waist band. PERFECT! The black one which I really really wanted was sold out. I might enquire with Muji Singapore directly since I’ve already got their email from my earlier query to them *winks*.

I also bought 2 pairs of straight-cut pants. One in black and the other in olive green as shown below. I still think it’s slightly big for me, but D said would be just nice as my tummy grows bigger and I thought he might be right. Well, I can’t expect to look the same as before, but I’m contemplating to alter and shortening it slightly till my ankles so it looks at least better and trendier. Umm…what do you think?

Till I find other alternatives, I will continue to wear what I have and continue to shop for non-maternity wears which should tide me through for now.

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