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Plus Six Five

3 Sep

An interesting online magazine in Singapore, Plus Six Five. Don’t ask me how I came to know about it because it was work-related. Enjoy!!  <5pf>


Penguin “Great Food” series!

8 Mar

A glimpse of the new series from Penguin; 20 books it seems. Wonder if they have a video promo for this too, like they did for Modern Classics. <d>

Penguin’s 50th Anniversary for Modern Classics

27 Feb

50 modern greats, perhaps a new literary adventure after the Great Ideas series? Check out the cute little clip. <d>

Old World Style…

24 Feb

In my characteristic intense learning, which in this case was for suits, shirts, and old world style, I got this book (yes, ANOTHER book). Quite an interesting overview on the leading master-tailors along Savile Row. Though I had always been fanatic about quality (eg, bespoke & artisans), recent events had intensified my explorations.

Now, am in search of a good shirt-maker. Thus far, am exploring Personality Menshop and Raffles Tailor. Have been inspired by the book to get a wing-tip white shirt.

And I had always wanted to get a bow-tie (self-tied, no less!) Well, this is going to be quite a challenge in Singapore! Even the tailor at Personality is looking for the same bow-tie. I have yet to find a nice, white, self-tied bow-tie. The search continues… <d>

Singapore Shophouses

24 Feb

Have always liked shop houses and Peranakan architecture, and I had even enquired with the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore). Unfortunately the materials that they shared with me were not really that visually pleasing. We had also gone on our walks exploring these shop houses.

Now, I must say, if these are something that stirs your interests, do check out the book! Bonne lecture! (good reading!) <d>

Penguin Great Ideas – I’m not the only one…

24 Feb

Recent posts on these series of books no doubt revealed my obsession with books. This romance with the analogue, particularly with the printed pages, is alive and well, as attested by the popularity of Monocle.

Am pleasantly surprised to read about another fan of the Great Ideas series today, at one of the sites I frequent – Notcot. Believe it or not, I am still thinking of getting a couple more books from this series! <d>

Google says ‘I do’

15 Feb

How timely Google/Wedding came. Just launched this week! <5pf>

Great Ideas – Part 3…

13 Feb

Harvests from new grounds – Borders. Definitely easier to find, though mainly the brown-hued spine series. Adds to earlier finds. Quite exhilarating! So much that I love to learn, if only I could read faster. Well, these pocket-sized books are great company while I’m on the move, while the heavier tomes capture my imagination at home. I really need to finish the Black Swan; this is probably the 3rd time I’m starting afresh as I’d to stop halfway previously due to other commitments, and this is though-provoking read which is best read through with minimal interruptions.

Oh, and I must say this again; love the textured book covers! <d>

Another 31 Great Ideas!

2 Feb



Non-fiction, been at it for quite awhile; in fact had about a dozen left over from 2010. Now I’m back on my usual pace, but have recently been obsessed with this series of Great Ideas (see the first round here). This second round of discovery brings the total to 51 books! Looking forward to the company of great minds with these glimpses.

Oh, one has to admit that I am a sucker for book covers, which this series of books has several fine examples of. <d>

Penguine – Great Ideas

23 Jan

You won’t believe what we did at Kinokuniya yesterday. For an hour or so, we spent going from shelf to shelf to search for Penguin’s Great Ideas series. A few months ago, this series was sold as a collection in a common shelf in Kinokuniya and were all displayed together. Though D had wanted to get them all then, he didn’t in the end.

Did I mention before that D is an avid reader. He has read so much that you think he had travelled alot or had met many people this lifetime. And if you meet him for the first time, you’ll find that it isn’t hard to start a conversation with him. Because he is interested in so many things and had read so much about them, he is able to talk to you about anything…from politics, history, fashion to design. And I mean it. So lucky for me, I get to hear about new things he reads about during mrt rides, our walks and even during our window shopping time.

So, back to the Great Collection series. It was really fun to go round the book store yesterday to find those books since they were shelved back to where each author were. We found 18 that D liked!! And hope to find more of those we didn’t manage to find later. So here are our treasures for the night! <5pf>

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