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Another Shaving Lubricant: Aesop & Milk

12 Apr

Since I had looked into a substantial number of options for shaving, Skeen is still among the best lubricant for shaving. However, Sephora seem to have decided to phase out the brand, and possibly change it’s mind again recently… Still exploring a good alternative, and was won over by the warm service at the Aesop store in Takashimaya. And the unsolicited complementary samples only made it more pleasant.

Aesop turned out alright, but the after-shave condition was just a bit above average. One great plus though is the packaging, which comes with a small rubber nozzle-stopper to prevent any leakage during travel.

Milk by Michael Klim was not any good either; just lots of mint. How hard is it to get a good shave?

The search of perfection continues… <d>


An Uncommonly Good Shave

7 Feb

Most Singaporean men’s search for a good shave is likely short-lived, often settling on a particular brand, or just plain soap & water. Though for some of us, the shaving surface includes the scalp (for me, since 1995), a particularly sensitive skin area. Within the limited options available, Skeen rich shaving cream seems the best consistent performer (used 2 bottles of this). Key indicators include the degree of cuts and irritations post-shave, and a clean shave.

However, it seems that Sephora may discontinue this French product, which I believe is for lack of any marketing to speak of. I have tried at least 10 of the following products; perhaps a distant alternative may be the Kiehl’s Blue Eagle shaving cream.

  1. Billy Jealousy
  2. Biotherm
  3. Brute
  4. Clarins
  5. Clinique
  6. Gatsby
  7. Gillette
  8. JackBlack
  9. KAI
  10. Kiehls
  11. Kyoku
  12. Lab Series
  13. Lancome
  14. L’Occitane
  15. Menscience
  16. Milk
  17. Morton Brown
  18. Nivea
  19. Old Spice
  20. Schick
  21. Sephora men
  22. Skeen
  23. Task Essential
  24. Tolsom
  25. Urth
  26. Zirh

Price is Not an indicator of a better quality product (examples of mediocre shaving products include Menscience, L’Occitane, among others).


  • 3 most well-known brands are Gillette, Gatsby, followed by Nivea
  • Gillette dominates, though consumers within this spending threshold also opt for soap & water
  • Most spending only up to $10 per product
  • No significant brand loyalty
  • Foam is the preferred texture due to association with the archetypical image of shaving

Continuing the search for a perfect shave. <d>

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