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High Tide Heels??

26 Sep

Uhmmm…..? … Don’t worry, these are not the next ‘thing’ in fashion!

It’s actually by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat. Though this was 7 years ago, but it is still one of those that you will remember. <d>


ASOS Mesh Slip On Espadrilles

28 May

Yeah! D’s slip on from ASOS arrived today. I can’t wait for him to try it on. I hope it fits well and that he’ll like it. It looks really good actually. D, come home quick!! Faster! NOW! <5pf>

“Family” shoes

29 Apr

<picture from Rockstar>

This one is for the dad.

<picture from Rockstar>

This one is for the mum.

<picture from H&M Singapore>

And this one is for the kid.

So, what do you think?  <5pf>

Jaime Mascaro : “Ballerina” Shoes

13 Nov

Got myself another pair of Jaime Mascaro shoes. I must say I love the comfort of the Mascaro’s shoes (see here for my previous pair) Well, it is celebratory gift to myself for this new role I will be moving on to. A happy one, that’s why this pair of ballerina shoes is all worth it. Have a happy sunday! <5pf>

While watching X Factor USA and browsing ASOS on my iPhone

26 Oct

All I want for Christmas is … …<5pf>






All Geared Up!

23 Oct

Together with sis and her friend, we started an exercise regime every week. Jogging or more walking for me from our place to East Coast Parkway, it has been 2 good weeks so far. To further commit to this healthy living, I bought a pair of Adidas shoes. Well well, though it’s not a running shoes but a training one, but I thought it suited my requirements – it’s very light, comfortable and most importantly stylish looking!! Who would be able to wear a pair of very functional shoes without looking good in it eventhough we walk in the dark, at night. But who cares! <5pf>

Presenting you the Adizero TR W

With Love from D

7 Aug

I saw this, walked past it, then walked back, showed them to D, brushed it aside and D got them for me. =)))

Jaime Mascaro, made in spain. I’m loving them. They are made of calf leather and I love the “Chanel” look it gives. And they are terribly comfortable. I had wanted them in white and black, but they did not have any stock for my size. So D suggested blue, which I thought looked great too. I’m wearing them this week!! Weather, please be nice. PLEASE. <5pf>

D’s first online purchase!!

29 Jul

D has been shopping with me on ASOS. *giggles* And this is his first purchase!! This really comfy pair of Havaianas has the same sole as its slippers….D loves it!!  <5pf>

Wedding : No, it’s not a Ferragamo

27 Mar

Yes! I got THE shoes for THE day. Though I am quite excited to show you, but D reminded me “Surprise them!”. So ta-da! It’s going to be a surprise, hence, no picture.

The shoe search had been painful. The choices in our tropical island are limited. And because I’m not willing to pay a thousand bucks for a pair of heels (at least not yet), it made it worse. Through my search, I had tried heels from every single store that you can imagine and that includes Aldo, On-Peddler, Peddler Red, Miu Miu, Prada, Valentino, Red- Valentino and Christian Louboutin – boutiques I never imagine myself visiting. I can only conclude one thing – branded shoes doesn’t mean comfort. And really, I can’t make myself take out my wallet to pay for it.

So after months of searching and to D’s relieve, I managed to get my shoes at Tangs yesterday (the deadline I gave myself was this weekend). All I can say is, it’s not quite a pair of wedding shoes but something I will wear more than just once. It is a 4″ and of course, a design close at heart and once you see it, you’ll go “your HEELS!”. haha!! So let me know if it is pretty ya! Till then, I’m looking forward to wearing it on that very special day. *cheers*

Love-Hate Relationship with Martina Pink

13 Feb

More of Martina Pink. Was at GWC to catch No Strings Attached today and walked past Tangs Studio. Needed a pair of basic heels and got these for work. I have a love-hate relationship for Martina Pink’s “leather” shoes. I love the colors and love their designs BUT the leather part of my first grey pair of kitten heels is slowly coming off at the back. You see, it is genuine leather on the top layer of their “leather” shoes. And because of that, when the leather rubs against other surfaces, it starts to peel off and you will find a different base color beneath the leather. I find that disgusting. I love my pair of greys, but I can’t make myself  see those white patches appearing so I’m only wearing them when I’m in long pants. I’ll cross my fingers for this new pair and I’m wearing them tomorrow!

Oh, and by the way, happy Valentine’s day! <5pf>

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