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Buys from Kiehls

31 Mar

This is totally organic. I’ve used the moisturizer before and liked that it lasted well through my day and night. It’s texture is also creamier than other moisturizers and lasted me a good 3 months at least. For the size like this, I thought it’s worth the money. So I got the toner to try this round since the new one I got from L’occitane was stinging my face (though I had used it before). Hopefully it’s as good as the moisturizer. <5pf>


Lush is back (and I am too)

27 Dec

At this point in time my priority is to eat and sleep. I had spent the last 2 months trying to figure out how I could make this stage of my life easier for the next few months. While spending time to figure out and coming to terms with all the strange and unfamiliar burps, indigestion, breathlessness and surprises, I ran out of some daily necessities (moisturizers, toners etc) which I failed to buy though I was out. Well you see, most of our shopping or makan trips are basically “short and sweet”. We (D is equally as drained as I am during this period) had no energy to detour or stand an extra minute. I had to make mini stops in between christmas shopping or had to head home immediately because I didn’t feel too well.

And because I didn’t have my usual necessities, I began to use whatever samples I had left and could find, and for those that I could, I had D to help me buy.

Finally, Christmas is over, the madness from shopping is over, the crowd is less intense and after my long brunch cum lunch cum tea with my dearest friends today, D said I should go top up what I needed while we were out in Orchard today. And so I did! Woopee!!

And then I discovered that Lush is back to our shores. It was formally in Singapore a few years back and perhaps the market was not ready then, they left us. Now they are back with an outlet in Wisma. Frankly, I do not like the smell that comes out from the shop. The fragrant from their soaps and bath bombs are truely “breathtaking” and to me, rather strong.

But I was looking through their face moisturizer and really wanted to give it a try. I tested it, smelled it and thought…not too bad after all. I got the Imperials which I thought suited me and smelled mild (and peaceful). Everything except for the quantity in the tub is impressive. Let me use it and see if it is any good.

And better late than never, Merry Christmas to you!! <5pf>

Dior : Liquid Foundation

30 Aug

Just finished using my Dior’s Nude liquid foundation and had looked around for other brands wanting something different. In the end, I was stuck to the same as it feels light and covers well for me. It contains SPF and minerals for the skin and all you need is one to two pumps. Worth trying. Go get samples to try before you purchase it.

The SA provided me with the Capture Totale series of skincare and foundation. It contains skincare ingredients which prevent anti-aging. Coverage for the Capture foundation is from medium to high, thus not for me as I prefer the natural look for make-up.

Eyecare products from the Capture range.

Last but not least, in celebration of Khiels’ 160 birthday, Khiels is giving away samples from their top 10 customers’ favorite. As long as you are a Tangs’ member, you are entitled to a pack like this. <5pf>

Dutyfree shopping spree!!

2 Jul

It’s been a while I’ve indulged in skincare, cosmetic and perfume. A good time to get them since we were at dutyfree. Here are some of the stuff I got, Great harvest!! <5pf>

5pf’s : Brand New Clarisonic & Normal Dual Brush Heads for Sale

15 May

I just got myself a set of clarisonic. After a trial test at Sephora Singapore on the Clarisonic Plus and reading my girlfriend’s blog on Clarisonic Mia, I was sold into getting one for myself to prepare for the big day. You can read more about clarisonic at their site.

But just very briefly, to give you an idea what Clarisonic all about, it uses  sonic technology to deeply yet gently clear pores. With its patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second,  it is supposed to thoroughly remove 6 times more makeup and 2 times more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. It works quite  similar to the electronic toothbrush we commonly see.

I have been using Clarisonic for a month now and I am excited to see improvements in my skin. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, please let me know as I have one brand new set of Clarisonic Mia together with the Normal Dual Brush Heads for sale.

The Clarisonic Mia set includes the following :-

  • Cordless Clarisonic Mia
  • Compact pLink® International Charger
  • Sensitive Brush Head
  • 1 oz. trial size Gentle Hydro Cleanse

The Normal Dual Brush Heads includes the following :-

  • 2 normal brush heads

This is open for those in Singapore only and on a first come first serve basis. Since Clarisonic no longer ships to Singapore, this is quite a steal. You can email us at ThingsWeLoveSeeAndDoTogether@gmailDOTcom if you are interested. <5pf>

More Soap & Glory

24 Apr

No, I’m not Soap & Glory’s ambassador. And no, I don’t get freebies from them. I wish. It’s because I’m running out of moisturizer so I thought I could try this. Smells like the cleanser I got earlier. Refreshing!! And it does oil control at the t-zone. How great!! <5pf>

More of Soap & Glory

3 Apr

Sephora brought in a range of skincare from Soap & Glory. They have also brought in more of their nose scrubs which was sold out earlier. It got me really excited because I was happy to grab more of those nose scrubs as gift to a friend and my sis. I couldn’t resist trying the new face soap, a 3-in-1 daily detox with vitamin C facial wash. In it you will find pink exfoliating bits which has skin brightening complex contents. As usual it smells great and very refreshing!! It’s affordable at S$17 and definitely worth a try!

Scrub it out … …

20 Feb

Had wanted a good body scrub so I grabbed Scrub of Your Life from Soap & Glory. I have tried it and foun that the particles gives a good “rub” against your skin and leaves it feeling clean and fragrant afterwards. Woooo…I smell terrific!
D got the nose scrub. It could also be used for your face (T-Zone in particular) and it helps to refine pores and remove blemishes. You could also use it as a mask. It is minty and you’ll feel “cold” while scrubbing. Miraculouslyl after washing away the scrub, you’ll will feel the difference on your face immediately. It felt so soft and smooth. Really!!
We thought they were good buys and especially so when they were priced pretty reasonably. <5pf>

Nature Republic

9 Jan

On thursday night, D and I tried Nature Republic’s Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel mask. I am usually sceptical about mask sheets because of my past experience but since this was in gel form, I decided to give it a go. The mask was carefully wrapped and was really moist and slippery. It comes in 2 parts, one for the nose and  the face above and the other  for mouth area and lower cheek. For a good 20 minutes,you should be lying down or else the gel mask tends to slip down. Once you are done, wash your face with water. We felt the difference as soon as we touched our face as we were rinsing. It felt really soft, subtle and smell good too. You don’t really need to put moisturizer as your face would feel moist.

So D decided to get more, and we got 10 pieces ($7.30 each). 5 for each of us. We plan to do it weekly till THE day. =) The SA told us that with a $100 spent, we could be a member so we just topped up with some interesting items we found in the shop. She also gave us a very generous number of free samples. Looking forward to use them all! <5pf>

Oh, b4 e black pepper, dissolve some 1st

26 Oct

Called the Melting Cream, without wetting the skin, just apply in circular motions for 60 seconds and feel the heat, literally! It’s actually a mild warmness created by Zeolite. This mineral seem to also have antibacterial qualities.

Interestingly, it also contains Okra extract, which helps to relax some facial lines. This may just be what is known as Lady’s Fingers in Asia. Hmmm… nature’s mild botox? <D>

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