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English Garden & Black Tie

10 May

Some inspirations… have fun! <d>


Wedding : The Theme

23 Apr

Everyone has been asking – What’s the theme?

English Garden – A touch of satin – A touch of gold

Let your imagination run free. You could come with a big feather hat, a huge power gold ring, a lovely satin gown or even a gown with satin ribbons, fancy polka dots bow ties or classic black ones. Some could come with Charlie Chaplin’s suspenders, bowler hat, a sleek hair do. It’s all up to you. Just to give you an idea, these came to mind. We hope you have fun dressing up to complete our theme instead of letting the stress overwhelm you. Hey, take it easy..let loose and have some fun. Come on….!

[From Bulgari, Oscar De Renta, Kate Spade, Twigs & Honey]

Old World Style…

24 Feb

In my characteristic intense learning, which in this case was for suits, shirts, and old world style, I got this book (yes, ANOTHER book). Quite an interesting overview on the leading master-tailors along Savile Row. Though I had always been fanatic about quality (eg, bespoke & artisans), recent events had intensified my explorations.

Now, am in search of a good shirt-maker. Thus far, am exploring Personality Menshop and Raffles Tailor. Have been inspired by the book to get a wing-tip white shirt.

And I had always wanted to get a bow-tie (self-tied, no less!) Well, this is going to be quite a challenge in Singapore! Even the tailor at Personality is looking for the same bow-tie. I have yet to find a nice, white, self-tied bow-tie. The search continues… <d>

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