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More DOTS, polkadots

10 Aug

Got myself a 1969 chambray shirt from Gap for the weekends.  It’s a simple piece with my favorite polka dots. Think details like these make dressing up more fun. Pairing the shirt with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans are great choices for me these days. Seriously, I don’t have much time to dress up now.  So this is peerrrffeeccttt!!

Have a good weekend people!!  <5pf>





Fleur Wood – A gift for the mummy from CT

8 Apr

My dearest university friend, CT, who is visiting Singapore with her husband, got me this girly top from Fleur Wood. It’s from an Australian designer. She thought since alot of attention will be going to the baby, something for the mummy would be nice. How thoughtful!

I’m not doing justice to the top here with the pictures I took, because if you visit their website, they express femininity and dreaminess. A closer look on this piece made me realised that it was put together with a few types of materials and laces. What a piece of art!   It could go with a pair of skinny jeans or maybe even with a long light dress inside. I lay the delicate top on myself, hoping I could slip in during this time of my pregnancy with expected disappointment. Of course, I couldn’t put it on!! What was I thinking?

I now await the day my little one is born and will put this art piece on as soon as I can return to my old figure. Can’t wait!!!! <5pf>

While watching X Factor USA and browsing ASOS on my iPhone

26 Oct

All I want for Christmas is … …<5pf>






English Garden & Black Tie

10 May

Some inspirations… have fun! <d>

Franche Lippee

6 Mar

What’s this?? Yes, a franche lippee’s bunny t. Who won’t love a Bunny?? The sleeves are longer and narrower than the usual t-shirts which makes it look chic. Got this from uniqlo for less than $20!! What a steal!! Wearing next weekend!! Yeah!!<5pf>

5pf’s : Light-Cotton Scallop Front Half-Button Top ~ Updates

30 Dec

Updates! Updates! The Light-Cotton Scallop Front Half-Button Top mentioned here have both been taken. Will share more with you next time if there’s interesting buys. <5pf>

5pf’s : Light-Cotton Scallop Front Half-Button Top

21 Dec

Shoulder-to-shoulder : 34 cm ; Chest : 45 cm ; Length : 56cm

wooo…love the buttons!!

Subtle Details on Sleeves

The material is really soft and at no expense from the design and detailing. I got one for myself and because it’s a worthy buy,  we got this crazy idea to get 2 more pieces so that we can share it with you.  Drop us a note if you are interested. It’s going for $25 each, inclusive of mailing charges.

Seriously, great with a skinny jeans or black pants for a chic-look. And best of all, you can’t get it from anywhere else ( least in singapore)! Cheerios!

Update : We are only left with 1 piece! <5pf>

Here comes the bride – Rosa Clara

30 Nov




Lovely bridal complements by Rosa Clara.

Checkered-tee Checks!

27 Nov

Muji Men’s B & W Checkered Long Sleeves Cotton Shirt

– a pocket on the left

Muji Men’s Collar

Muji Men’s Sleeve

– different prints on the surface and beneath the shirt

Ladies’ Muji B & W Checkered 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Muji Ladies’ Petite Collar

– I’m drawn to such round edges

Muji Ladies’ 3/4 Sleeve

We always hated the thought of getting anything similar to wear. I mean, why do couples need to wear the same clothes (some even wear the same stuff from top to bottom!) to tell everyone “Hello, guess what? We are a COUPLE.”. When D and I see such couples, our eye balls will start rolling.

But today, it was our first – they are not exactly the same as they have different designs, but they do have the same cotton material with the same  black and white checkered  prints. I actually love preppy prints like these. Look geeky with the challenge of not looking like one. Muji had came up with cotton shirts like these quite a while back. The material is made in India. It’s really soft and Muji always have their way to make it look really good.

After I added my item into my basket, I saw similar prints/material for Men’s and asked if D liked it. How can he not??!??!  The shirt had a different black and white checkered print underneath which made D’s shirt look even better when the sleeves are folded up (as shown above). The subtle design touches on the shirt bought D over.What’s more he looked great in it! Grab!!

And I have to confess that the shirts are not the only similar stuff we got today (I’ll post that other one tomorrow). I promise we didn’t mean to look the same, just that, we share similar taste…that’s all!! <5pf>


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