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Penguin-guided GPS?

6 Oct

Instinct + Mobile App

Another strategy to engage people, created by doAR (Tokyo), for an aquarium. The penguins guide people to the location, and actually move like the real thing. Silver-award winner at Cannes. <d>


Baby D’s Lookbook – Day 1

25 Mar

From Mothercare for Tiny Baby


Love that the long sleeve!! It can be inverted and that turns to be a mitten. How smart!! <5pf>

Tangs eStore

23 Mar

Just read that from Saturday, 1 April 2012,Tangs will be launching its  “eStore”. It kickstarts with the Tangs Beauty Hall beauty essentials offering a wide array of makeup, skincare and fragrance products. All you have to do is click!! Isn’t it fabulous? <5pf>

Versace for H&M Launch Commercial

10 Nov


wonder if we can see the collection here in Singapore? <5pf>


26 Oct

 See more behind the shoot here.

& some random colours just for fun! <d>



Retractable Fountain Pens

27 Apr

The Pilot Capless is a classic fountain pen that has a retractable nib, something developed by Ryosuke Namiki and his team in the 1960’s. This shade is reminiscent of the rich untamed forests, while exuding a masculine, quiet strength, evocative of the samurai in Japan. Of course, the touch of gold is a great motivation! Hope this to be part of the memory of a very special milestone in our lives ~ our wedding. <d>

WOOHOO!!! 2000?

2 Apr

OK, it’s not that I’m obsessive BUT when I see the number of visitors we have each day (whether just 1 or 10) at Femme & Homme, it puts a smile to my face no matter how bad my day had been. So when I woke up today and found that the number had reached 2000, I was delighted!! It’s not a huge number as compared to blogs with thousands of hits each day. But with the small community we’ve built and given the period of time we had started this, I’m really happy with this humble number.

So a big thank you to each and every one of you out there whoever you are. *hugs* <5pf>

Paper Art

25 Mar

Always inspired by the works of artists, and paper artists were one of those that I had written about before, and more than once. The artwork depicted here is by Elsa Mora. Beautiful. <d>

Health & Juice

12 Mar

Love a juice anytime! Better still a mikan juice. Mikan is a type of japanese orange and looks very similar to the chinese mandarin orange. It taste sweet and light. Love it!! You can find the mikan juice in a juice bar at the basement of Takashimaya. Didn’t get its name, but it’s not hard to find. <5pf>

A love & dream come true

8 Mar

Remember the touching movie, UP? National Geographic actually succeeded in lifting a house with balloons! It will be featured in a new series ‘How hard can it be?’

Keep dreaming! <d>

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