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Wedding : Veil, Boutonniere & Corsages by Hari

30 Jun

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Photos by 5pf


Wedding : Headpieces by Hari

30 Jun

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Photos by 5pf & CUG

Wedding : Hand Bouquet by Hari

30 Jun

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Photos by 5pf

Wedding : Accessorize!

10 May

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all accessories from ASOS

(just in case you don’t know, they provide free shipping!!)

D managed to get many of his friends and our family to wear bow-ties.  So you girls try to dress to the theme yah?  it’s a battle of the gals vs the guys! Some accessories for consideration. hee! <5pf>

English Garden & Black Tie

10 May

Some inspirations… have fun! <d>

5pf’s : I was inspired …

22 Mar

… by this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in her perfume ad, Lovely. Why? Well, I could not decide if I should get a necklace  (pearls, gold, vintage or a mix) to match my gowns, but when I saw this picture over the weekend at Trixilini, I decided to go with my instinct to go without. And that’s when I decided to get the earrings and ring from Trixilini.  Less is more right?

So for all the SATC serials and movies I’ve watched, it’s all worth it! Thanks for the tip SJP! <5pf>

Wedding : Citrine Earrings

21 Mar

I thought I knew what accessories I wanted for the wedding till I stepped into Trixilini at Millenia Walk yesterday.  Look at these gorgeous earrings by Mayberry (if you ask me, I don’t think the website does the accessories justice)!!! I’m not a fan of daggling earrings really, but when I tried these, I love them  instantly (of cos with D’s vote).

The yellow stone is the citrine stone. Citrine is derived from Latin and “Citrina” means yellow. It has been known for centuries as the “jewel of the sun”. Once the citrine is cut, it is hard for an average person to tell the difference between citrine and yellow topaz, which makes citrine a highly desirable gemstone for jewellery because you are usually paying less than what topaz would normally cost.  The citrine stone is associated with kindness, happiness and joy. How appropriate!

You probably can’t see from the picture, but the gold wire that goes round the yellow citrine stone is very fine and intricate. With the gold daggling bits of the earring swaying from side to side when you walk, it brings out the elegance and feminine in you. It’s very vintage, old world yet modern. Hopefully it goes well with the champagne colored evening gown for the wedding!

I’ve got another set of earrings and feature ring customized at Trixilini as well and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the stones set, can’t wait to get my hands on them! <5pf>

Wedding : Twigs & Honey

8 Mar

Beautiful pictures make beautiful accessories.  Found at Twigs & Honey. I want! <5pf>

‘Touch of Gold’

26 Feb

Discovered my ‘touch of gold’ for our special day – gold-plated cufflinks! Tear-drop shaped (no less!), for a very special occasion. Cufflinks suffer the same fate as the available ties in Singapore; they mostly do NOT look good.

Though the tailor mentioned that it does not matter that much as cufflinks are hidden when one is wearing a jacket, I am a proponent of quality within & without. Recent discoveries have irrevocably shifted my quality threshold for certain dress items; for instance, leather shoes.

Have always loved to learn about artisans and their obsessions with quality and craftsmanship. Of course, good design is an indispensable bedfellow!

Such items are rare for men in Singapore, and I am definitely enjoying the search!  <d>

Google says ‘I do’

15 Feb

How timely Google/Wedding came. Just launched this week! <5pf>

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