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Muji Acasia Fruit Plate

11 Nov


Lovely wooden plate. For E’s  favorite bananas. Joking. For fruits and everything else. <5pf>


Nursing wear

31 Mar

Got this nursing dress from Muji. I thought it’ll be smart to get nursing wears so that I can wear them now and during post-pregnancy. To breastfeed in this dress, all you need to do is to unbutton the front and you’ll find a short camisole inside which is attached to the dress by 2 buttons on the shoulders. After that, detach either one button and you can feed your baby easily.

And yes, that’s me at 27 weeks! <5pf>

Something more comfortable for the maternity girl

5 Feb

Been getting rashes lately due to the heat and my body stretching at this stage of 2nd trimester. So, D got me some cotton maternity boxer panties from our all time favorite store, Muji @ Paragon. I love them as they are so comfortable and they fall nicely just below the bump. Now, the rash seems to be better. See, we got some more today!!  <5pf>

Now, MUJI to the rescue!!

4 Jan

It’s unbelievable that when it comes to maternity wear, I’ve got nothing and I mean nothing that I would want to or feel like buying. The sight of the designs, materials, colors and even the name of the shop or the brand, makes my head turn away and give up. I tried shopping online and would eventually find myself clicking on the dresses/tops/bottoms for non-maternity wears as I would just try my luck in getting pieces which gives enough of “room” for my coming big bump. I just didn’t want to get the not-so-nice maternity wears.

But too bad, it came to a point that I could not put on some of my pants and dresses and that was alarming. No clothes to wear? No options? You must be kidding me?

Through pure perseverance and luck, while we were at Muji (Marina Square outlet) the other day, we realised that they carry maternity wears and WE ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE that I BOUGHT SOME MATERNITY WEARS! What a perfect brand to start off this new fashion journey of mine.

So to get things started, I got 2 pairs of leggings. One in grey and one in black/grey stripes as shown below. It comes with an adjustable waist band. PERFECT! The black one which I really really wanted was sold out. I might enquire with Muji Singapore directly since I’ve already got their email from my earlier query to them *winks*.

I also bought 2 pairs of straight-cut pants. One in black and the other in olive green as shown below. I still think it’s slightly big for me, but D said would be just nice as my tummy grows bigger and I thought he might be right. Well, I can’t expect to look the same as before, but I’m contemplating to alter and shortening it slightly till my ankles so it looks at least better and trendier. Umm…what do you think?

Till I find other alternatives, I will continue to wear what I have and continue to shop for non-maternity wears which should tide me through for now.

Product Enquiry: Muji Breton Seaweed Hair Milk

3 Jan

Right, I promised I’ll revert with the review for the Muji Seaweed Hair Milk but because I wasn’t sure if it is a leave-on conditioner, I decided to check with Muji first. Glad I did cos I’ve been washing it away the last 2 times i used it and decided to wait for Muji’s reply as I felt something was amiss due to the non-greasy texture of the milk. Phew!!!

Query from 5pf:
Hi, I just purchased Muji’s Seaweed Hair Milk. May I know if this is a leave on conditioner? There is no product description on how to use it. Appreciate if you could revert soonest. Thanks.
Reply from Muji

Dear Michelle Lim,

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your interest on our product.

We are pleased to inform you that the item Breton Seaweed Hair Milk (4934761081014) is a leave on product, no need to rinse it off once you applied the product on your hair. Please find product information below.

Essence hair without washing, to give hair shine and moisture

Please feel free to contact us if you require clarifications or additional information, thank you!

Cecille Borja Valerio
Customer Service Officer
MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Just Muji & I

30 Dec

I had received a Muji voucher as a gift for Christmas and decided that it’s about time we visited Muji, our love.

While we were in the store, some of the items were on sale. The seaweed shampoo is one that D and I have been using for a while and it helps in controlling oily scalps and dryness. It smells great too!

We have been collecting the shampoo bottles (we have 4 now) since we first bought it and have been keeping them so that we can recycle them for home use when our nest arrives (so that all hand soap and dish washing detergent bottles look coordinated in the house with probably a label to distinguish them). Once you remove all the labels, the bottle looks nice and zen. But since the shampoo in the bottle has been sold out, we got the refill instead. The difference is a mere S$3 but the difference is that you can save our mother earth. =)

I saw this new product in store – Seaweed Hair Milk  and found it interesting. Hair milk, doesn’t it sound nourishing? Will try and shall review soon. <5pf>

Muji : Organizers

13 Aug

Bought a few items to organize our stuff at home. As some of you know, we are fans of Muji and while I was having some me-time today, I found some lovely buys.

Acrylic Spectacle Shelf

D has 4 pair of glasses so this fit perfectly for him. You don’t see the 4th pair naturally because he is wearing it now. =) Made of durable acrylic and can be used either the way you see it here, or with the length flat by just removing the drawers and rotating it one side up.

Toiletries Bag

You can open it up wide and there are 3 compartments inside.

The smaller compartments are removable. For someone like me, this makes it so easy to bring my cosmetics, shampoos and all! And because it is not hard cover, it could be easily packed in my luggage.

Cosmetic pouch for home use

Couldn’t believe such a small bag like this fits all my make-ups! And can you see the 2 holders at each side of the  pouch? It holds up the top cover to prevent it from closing while you are using it and can be removed after used. Aren’t the Japanese innovative?? I miss Japan!!!!!!

Compartments for brushes and eyeliners. See the flap which covers the brushes? No problem if the brushes are slightly wet or dirty after use, the flap which is waterproof makes cleaning easy.

and here for everything else. On the right, they have elastic bands to hold your mascaras, eyeliners etc. On the left you can put bigger items like concealers, primers etc. For the pocket right at the back, I had filled it up with free samples. I love the fact that it is a all in one  pouch and I can simply pull it out from my drawer in the mornings and not make too much noise (like i did with the previous organizer) while D is catching on his sleep (he starts work an hour later than me. NOT FAIR!!*pout*).

I wish I could buy all the different sizes and designs of Muji’s toiletries bags and pouches because they not only look pretty to use, but comes in really handy. I want them all….. <5pf>

No, these are not Wooga Boots

28 Nov

These are Muji boots! They are for all genders and comes in XS, S, M and L. And they cost only S$39 each!

D got a khaki green one

This is in Large size

And I got a grey pair

Mine was in Xtra-Small size. I wish the base was of the same color. But nevermind!

I tried putting my feet in, it feels warm and comfy!

We actually saw these boots weeks ago when they were fresh on the shelves.Back then I was telling D that there is not point getting them since we aren’t traveling to anywhere cold anytime soon. But these boots were selling like hotcakes when I enquired about them for one of my colleagues and realised that there aren’t many pairs left!

I told D about it and when he went back to Muji again on Friday, he reserved a grey pair for me without my knowledge. Hee! He reads me well. He knows I like them and wish I had them. Yes! Yes! Yes! I liked them if not why would I blog about Wooga Boots? Heh? (btw, I didn’t win any Wooga Boots from that contest they had. you can read my post here.) By the time we decided to get a pair for D yesterday, they had only left with display pieces. And lucky for us, the only large size was the khaki colored pair and in good condition. So what did we do? Grab (again)!!

I’m looking forward for our next holiday together hopefully to somewhere cold. I’m sure we’ll be having lots of fun dressing up to all the warm clothings we had stocked up. Woohoo! <5pf>

<Boots are made of Polyester and Acrylic>

<Soles are made of Synthetic Sole>

Checkered-tee Checks!

27 Nov

Muji Men’s B & W Checkered Long Sleeves Cotton Shirt

– a pocket on the left

Muji Men’s Collar

Muji Men’s Sleeve

– different prints on the surface and beneath the shirt

Ladies’ Muji B & W Checkered 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Muji Ladies’ Petite Collar

– I’m drawn to such round edges

Muji Ladies’ 3/4 Sleeve

We always hated the thought of getting anything similar to wear. I mean, why do couples need to wear the same clothes (some even wear the same stuff from top to bottom!) to tell everyone “Hello, guess what? We are a COUPLE.”. When D and I see such couples, our eye balls will start rolling.

But today, it was our first – they are not exactly the same as they have different designs, but they do have the same cotton material with the same  black and white checkered  prints. I actually love preppy prints like these. Look geeky with the challenge of not looking like one. Muji had came up with cotton shirts like these quite a while back. The material is made in India. It’s really soft and Muji always have their way to make it look really good.

After I added my item into my basket, I saw similar prints/material for Men’s and asked if D liked it. How can he not??!??!  The shirt had a different black and white checkered print underneath which made D’s shirt look even better when the sleeves are folded up (as shown above). The subtle design touches on the shirt bought D over.What’s more he looked great in it! Grab!!

And I have to confess that the shirts are not the only similar stuff we got today (I’ll post that other one tomorrow). I promise we didn’t mean to look the same, just that, we share similar taste…that’s all!! <5pf>


Muji Calendar

13 Nov

How good can Muji get? Why can’t they do something for the iPhone? I want a iPad too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <The Muji-rian, 5pf>

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