Thank you D!

18 Mar

D & I @ antenatal class

In this journey, though I may seem like the center of attraction because of my growing bump, but daddy D has been working hard too.

He tries to bring me to and from work everyday. He is my butler at home. He gets food for me when I’m hungry. He eats when I eat, just to accompany me and ignore all comments that he had gain weight. He carries all the stuff we have when we are outside including my handbag (whether it looks good on him) and even if he doesn’t have hands for any. He handles all liaison works with the interior designer and developer to avoid giving me more frustration than the rash I have. He reads to baby D every night even when I’m sound asleep. He attends every antenatal class with me and is with me whenever we are shopping for baby D. He now reads on parenting to prepare himself and gives me a summary of them knowing that I am a lazy reader.

He is truely amazing.

Thank you D for your ever constant care, concern and love for me. I won’t be able to do all these without you. I am happy to be able to do this with you. Love you! <5pf>


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